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Hannah Horvath

  1. Every New Mom Needs a MarnieGirls’ take on partner dynamics in early parenthood is maddening because it’s real.
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    Jenna Lyons: Hannah Horvath Is Welcome to Freelance at Fake GQThere’s no place for Janice in Iowa.
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    Hannah’s Rock-Bottom T-Shirt on Girls’ Season FinaleShe wore it in the last episode, too.
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    Hannah’s Bowl Cut and More Girls Hair HighlightsThe show’s hairstylists discuss season two’s elaborate chignons, bedheads, and pigtails.
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    To Discuss: Hannah’s Multiple Wedgies, Ray’s Snuggie on GirlsMarnie wore Rag & Bone.
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    Hannah Comes Unzipped: OCD Puns on Last Night’s GirlsAlso, Judy Collins makes a cameo!
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    Rosanna Arquette’s T-Shirt on Last Night’s GirlsWhat to wear when you’re feeding bunnies.
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    To Discuss: Hannah’s Mesh Tank, Jessa’s YSL Shoes on Last Night’s GirlsAlso: Marnie’s sexy work outfit, and Laird the junkie’s beanie.
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    How Girls Costume Designer Jenn Rogien Handles Her Critics“The real world is not the same as the world of our show.”