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  1. empathy
    Happy People Aren’t Always Great at EmpathyThey’re not as emotionally intelligent as they think they are. 
  2. happiness
    Happiness Is Enjoying Your Work, Even If You’re a NobodyAuthor Lionel Shriver hits on some psychological truths in a new essay.
  3. consumer psychology
    When It Comes to Making Choices, Ignorance Really Can Be BlissThe more expertise you think you have, the more likely you are to regret your choice.
  4. positive psychology
    Your Positive Thinking Could Be Holding You BackFantasizing about positive outcomes may make them less likely.
  5. happiness
    How to Trick Yourself Into CleaningBecause you’ll never talk yourself into it. 
  6. Why You Should Let Your Friends Order Your FoodDelegate (some) decisions for a happier life.  
  7. relationships
    Women Hold the Key to Marital Bliss The happier a wife is with her marriage, the happier the husband will be with his life.
  8. Can Happy Street Signs Solve Newark’s Crime Problem?An unprecedented social experiment is about to begin.
  9. happiness
    To Enjoy an Experience More, Wait for It LongerThe science of anticipation.
  10. happiness
    When It Comes to Good Deeds, It’s Better to Think SmallThe slightly selfish way of doing nice things for people. 
  11. happiness
    How to Buy HappinessIn general, experiences produce more happiness than products, but researchers are uncovering important exceptions.
  12. Free Relationship Tip: It’s Not a CompetitionA researcher shares a key insight to maintaining a happy union. 
  13. NYC Is the Unhappiest American CityBut it just means New Yorkers have other priorities than pure pleasure-seeking.
  14. Is Denmark a Happy Place Because of Its Genes?This still doesn’t explain why they’re so good-looking.
  15. An Indulgent Life Isn’t Necessarily a Happy LifeSelf-control is hard. But it’s worth it (apparently).
  16. Your Happiness Makes Your Friends Happy, TooAnd your friends’ friends, and even your friends’ friends’ friends, research shows. 
  17. Why You Shouldn’t Binge-Watch Orange Is the New BlackPsychological research reveals the hidden pleasures of waiting for stuff.
  18. Here’s How Much of Your Own Happiness Is Under Your ControlA psychologist who studies and writes about the science of well-being explains. 
  19. The City Most Likely to Fake Happiness on InstagramOkay, everyone, smile. Smile like you don’t hate each other.
  20. genetics
    It’s Not You, It’s My DNAA gene variation can explain why some people are more attuned than others to relationship problems.