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Happy Halloween

  1. labor
    How Not to Scab on HalloweenPer SAG-AFTRA guidelines, Barbie and The Bear are off-limits to those trick-or-treating in solidarity.
  2. spooky szn
    I Hate Halloween, But I Love Halloween PeopleWe Halloween grinches need an equal and opposite force.
  3. spooky szn
    Don’t Worry, Celebrities Went All Out for HalloweenLori Harvey gave us five Beyoncés.
  4. ugh
    What a Cursed Halloween on TwitterM.I.A., Candace Owens, and others created some truly nightmarish content.
  5. happy halloween?
    Kim Kardashian Really Knows How to Make a Haunted HouseHer Halloween decorations include zombie hands, skeleton trees, and mummies hanging from the ceiling.
  6. happy halloween
    Is This the Sexiest Haunting in America?A Gainesville, Texas, homeowner says the ghosts on her property are relentlessly sexual.
  7. happy halloween?
    And Now, Vaccine-Themed Halloween CostumesTopical!
  8. happy halloween?
    Well, Here’s Kylie Jenner Naked and Covered in BloodIt’s giving Carrie … or maybe Karrie?
  9. possible side effects
    Why Is My Poop Green, Goth Whopper?Black food has an unexpectedly bright side.
  10. happy halloween
    The Olsen Twins Finally Dressed Up As Batman and CatwomanHaven’t you always wanted them to do this?
  11. happy halloween
    Jeweler Ryan Matthew Collects Skulls and Mummified Piglets“I once went to California because there was a human heart for sale.”