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Harassment In Hollywood

  1. harassment in hollywood
    Ashley Judd Weighs in on James Franco AllegationsShe called his response “terrific.”
  2. harassment in hollywood
    5 Women Accuse James Franco of Inappropriate Behavior, Sexual MisconductFranco’s attorney has disputed each claim.
  3. harassment in hollywood
    Anna Faris Says a Director Slapped Her Ass While Filming a SceneShe says he “slapped [her] ass” in front of the crew.
  4. harassment in hollywood
    Patricia Arquette Speaks Out About ‘Weird’ Encounter With Oliver StoneThe actress wrote that things took a “weird” turn after a meeting about a “very sexual” film role.
  5. harassment in hollywood
    Former Playboy Model Says Oliver Stone Groped Her at a Party When She Was 22Carrie Stevens spoke out after Stone’s comments about Harvey Weinstein.