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Harry Styles

  1. now smell this
    Harry Styles Has a New JobThanks to Gucci Beauty.
  2. dynamic duos
    Stevie Nicks Performed With a Fan Last NightHis name is Harry Styles.
  3. met gala 2019
    Met Gala 2019: Harry Styles Nailed the Red Carpet ThemeHere’s why his subtle look was camp.
  4. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: When Harry Styles Quoted When Harry Met SallyThat Harry, a man who is Hot To Me, does not shy away from things that are typically associated with women, is thrilling.
  5. sensitive kings
    Oh My God Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles Discussed the Peach SceneAs well as art, journaling, and non-toxic masculinity.
  6. the saga of kaylor
    What Does It Mean That Karlie Kloss and Harry Styles Are Hanging Out?Is this … betrayal?
  7. style evolutions
    Inside Harry Styles’s Concert Wardrobe: An Exclusive LookThis atelier mastered his Mick Jagger–esque looks.
  8. an odd pair
    Turns Out Anna Wintour Is a Harry Styles FanShe showed up at his concert in New York last night.
  9. ad campaign trail
    Harry Styles Stars in Gucci Campaign With a ChickenLucky chicken.
  10. Harry Styles Reveals His Biggest Style InspirationIt’s not Prince or Bowie.
  11. epic collaborations
    Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks Are Dueting With Each Other NowOh, mirror in the sky. What is this collab?
  12. harry styles
    Harry Styles Has Some Thoughts on BrexitAnd he’s happy to share them.
  13. Harry Styles Thinks Lyrics Allegedly About Taylor Swift Are ‘Self Explanatory’“Help me, Jeffrey.”
  14. teenage dreams
    11 Moments From the New Harry Styles Profile That Would Have Ruined Us As TeensA new Rolling Stone profile cements Harry Styles’s status as a heartthrob for the ages.
  15. harry styles
    Here’s Why Harry Styles Sent Kiwis to Fans Waiting in Line for SNLSuch trickery!
  16. harry's hair
    Harry Styles’s Momentous Haircut Finally Revealed to Swooning PublicYou gotta see this.
  17. wrong direction
    Harry Styles Debuts Terrible New HatAlso, his new short haircut.
  18. It Appears Harry Styles Has Cut Off His HairR.I.P. his glorious locks.
  19. look book
    Harry Styles’s Fashion Evolution, From T-Shirts to GucciA look back at his fashion evolution.
  20. We All Just Got One Step Closer to Sleeping With Harry StylesJust head to Ikea and be prepared to drop $39.99.
  21. hairy situations
    The 50 Most Memorable Bangs EverFrom Audrey Tautou to Zooey Deschanel.
  22. we're not worthy
    A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Men With Long Hair And why we like them anyway.
  23. Harry Styles Stops Show to Check Up on His SisWhat a guy.
  24. party pics
    The Best Party Photos From London Fashion WeekFeaturing Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, Alexa Chung, and more.
  25. british fashion awards
    The BFAs Featured a Tearful Anna Wintour and a Pantsless RihannaPlus: Galliano, Delevingne, Kendall, and many more.
  26. the youth
    Millennial Party Monsters Overwhelm Kate Moss’s PartyKendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Harry Styles, to name a few too many. 
  27. male gaze
    One Direction Is Now 4 Years OldHappy birthday.
  28. history repeats itself
    Will Selling Nostalgia Work for Calvin Klein?The brand taps into its own past. 
  29. porn-related gaffs
    This Is What Happens When a Young Pop Star Favorites Twitter PornFavoriting some porny tweets, followed by cat photos. 
  30. Watch One Direction Ponder ‘What Love Smells Like’It definitely has a hint of cedarwood.
  31. smell ya later
    1 Direction Wants You to Smell Like GrapefruitsTheir second fragrance is on the way. 
  32. kardashians
    Harry Styles Is an Inferior KardashifriendHe won’t appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  33. search terms
    Kim Kardashian Had 2013’s Most Googled PregnancyAnd Miley had the most Googled breakup.
  34. foiled plots
    Smart: Harry Styles Took Kendall Jenner to a Gay BarThere are no screaming girls, but they might play his song.
  35. working out
    It’s a One Direction Training MontageIt’s way more grueling beginning of the movie stuff than redeeming end of the movie stuff.
  36. who are you
    Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Know Who Harry Styles IsWhen Harry met Naomi … nothing happened.
  37. Here’s What Harry Styles’s Hair Smells LikeAlso, their hairstylist reveals the beauty product responsible for One Direction’s bouncy-haired perfection.
  38. A Primer on Suki Waterhouse, Model and ‘It Girl’And purported girlfriend of Bradley Cooper.
  39. the hit list
    20 Need-to-Know Moments From London Fashion WeekCara D’s back in action, Burberry’s raining rose petals, and everything else from the (long) weekend that was.
  40. what we're all talking about
    Cara Delevingne Won Big at London Fashion WeekWhen she shows up, we can’t stop talking about her.
  41. show and tell
    Gum-Chewing Harry Styles Shows Up at Henry HollandHe appears to be growing a mustache.
  42. quotables
    Harry Styles Sucks Up to Parents of Tween FansCalled Miley “quite inappropriate.”
  43. flops
    Taylor Swift Just Can’t Sell Magazines, Okay?Albums do not translate into newsstand sales, apparently.
  44. (maybe) put a ring on it
    Lana Del Rey Waves Around Her Maybe-Engagement Ring Some MoreAnd other things that happened at last night’s Brit Awards.
  45. r.i.p. haylor
    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Possibly Broke UpIn Virgin Gorda last week.
  46. celebrotica
    Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s Ski Chalet OrgyOur resident romance novelist rewrites the tabloids.
  47. haylor
    Taylor Swift Just Really Wants to Be the Girl Next DoorIn the creepiest way possible.
  48. haylor
    Harry Styles Confused About Relationship StatusBut who isn’t?
  49. she knew he was trouble
    Taylor Swift Unamused by Harry Styles’s New TattooThat’s a stance of disapproval.
  50. celebrotica
    Taylor Swift’s Latest Love Story, As a Bodice-RipperOur resident romance novelist reimagines the tabloids.
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