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Hashtag Activism

  1. #grabyourwallet
    Sears, Kmart Dump Trump Home Products From Online StoresThings aren’t looking great for the Trump brands.
  2. #grabyourwallet
    Neiman Marcus Has Also Dropped Ivanka Trump’s LineThe #GrabYourWallet boycott continues to make waves.
  3. street harassment
    These Street Harassment Methods Work on #NoWomanEver Women are sharing their experiences with street harassment with this sarcastic hashtag.
  4. hashtag activism
    Woman Driven From Her Home by Death Threats After Starting Pro-Choice HashtagThe hashtag drew intense scorn from anti-abortion activists.
  5. twitter feminism
    Can Feminist Hashtags ‘Dismantle the State’?Or will feuds dismantle #TwitterFeminism?