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  1. prom but better
    #TSRPromQueenz Is the Best Hashtag on InstagramRemember your prom? This is like that, but better.
  2. hashtags
    People Are Using #GrabYourWallet to Boycott Ivanka Trump’s Clothing LineThe hashtag is the brainchild of a Bay Area woman named Shannon Coulter.
  3. i get so emojinal
    Instagram, Please #FreetheEggplantEmojiDick too bomb for Instagram.
  4. fucking weddings
    W Hotel Has a Hashtag-Enforcer for Your WeddingA “professional Social Media Wedding Concierge” for your aggressively organized wedding.
  5. making it
    Emmy Rossum Wants to Be Fashion Week’s ‘It’ GirlShe’s already tweeting about it.
  6. sea of nipples
    Meet the #Instastuds: Hot Gay Men on Perma-Display“Some have tattoos, some are carpeted with perfect chest hair, many are Israeli or Brazilian, and all have lots of time to travel and pose half naked across the beaches of Planet Earth.” 
  7. taxonomy
    The 7 Types of Hashtag AbusersUsing it out loud, using it as a crutch, and five other ways we should stop using them.
  8. the bloggers
    Do You Think the Sartorialist Gives Money to Homeless People?Nimrod says what?