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  1. it’s complicated
    Breaking My Foot Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to My Sex Life“Come over and sign my cast” is a surprisingly effective pickup line.
  2. how does that make you feel
    How to Know When It’s Time to Leave Your TherapistTherapy isn’t supposed to be forever.
  3. wellness theories
    Christie Brinkley Thinks Life Is Too Short to Ignore CheeseThe supermodel on aging, science, and mozzarella.
  4. swellness
    Do Medicinal Mushrooms Actually Work?The magical health and beauty benefits of mushrooms.
  5. get a hobby
    Against Side HustlesPersonal pleasure is what makes a hobby a hobby.
  6. overachiever
    How to Teach Yourself to Be FunnierTo improve your sense of humor, start by making yourself laugh.
  7. get a hobby
    A Psychologist Explains How to Get Over Your Fear of Trying New ThingsThe thing that no one ever mentions about stretching yourself is that it really sucks sometimes.
  8. living with
    My Life With a Sleep Disorder That Makes Me NocturnalDelayed sleep phase disorder means going through life as a bleary-eyed zombie.
  9. overachiever
    How to Be Better at Spending Time AloneA guide to getting comfortable with solitude.
  10. science of us
    The Worst Part of Working Remotely Is Trying to Guess What Your Boss Is ThinkingWhen the only feedback from your supervisor comes via email or text, it’s easy to assume the worst.
  11. it’s complicated
    Dating Without Drinking Is Lonely, Awkward, and Sometimes InfuriatingI’m fine with my decision to stay sober. Most of the guys I meet seem to feel differently.
  12. how does that make you feel
    I’m a Therapist, But I’m Not Your TherapistIt’s tricky when your job means your friends want you to solve all their problems.
  13. wellness theories
    A Victoria’s Secret Model on the Brutal Casting Process“You walk in with just lingerie and high heels and you have to light up the room with your personality.”
  14. am i dying
    How Much Should I Worry About Toxic Shock Syndrome If I Use Tampons?Deep breaths.
  15. science of us
    How My iPhone Helped Save My Mental HealthDuring bouts of anxiety and agoraphobia, it’s the only thing that kept me feeling anchored to reality.
  16. science of us
    The Anxiety of Waiting to Be Laid Off’Tis the season.
  17. science of us
    How to Function at Work As a Sleep-Deprived New ParentWhen napping under your desk isn’t an option.
  18. how does that make you feel
    How to Gently Convince Your Friend to Go to TherapyTips for a tricky conversation.
  19. science of us
    Fact-Checking That Study on Old Women’s Happiness With My GrandmotherShe’s not buying it.
  20. science of us
    It’s Cuffing Season for Friendship, TooWhy brave the cold to go out and meet new people when you can stay in with the ones you already know?
  21. science of us
    A Shy Person’s Guide to Dealing With Unsolicited AdviceWhat to do when everyone’s telling you what to do.
  22. science of us
    Anesthesia Complicates Our Idea of What It Means to Be HumanA review of Kate Cole-Adams’s new book on consciousness, memory, and going under.
  23. science of us
    A Psychological Explanation for Kids’ Love of DinosaursAnd why childhood obsessions of all kinds — what researchers call “intense interests” — should be encouraged.
  24. it’s complicated
    Being a Vegan With Ham-Loving In-laws Is Harder Than It SoundsMy husband’s parents live in Spain, where ham is part of the culture — so when I turn it down, they take it as a symbol of bigger issues.
  25. science of us
    How to Worry BetterSchedule designated worrying time, and other tips to turn your stress into something productive.
  26. science of us
    Using Anger-Management Techniques to Cope With 2017An old therapy has some very current benefits.
  27. it’s complicated
    Going Out With My High-School Crush Reignited All My Old InsecuritiesI felt like a teenager again — but not in a good way.
  28. wellness theories
    Patti LaBelle on Thanksgiving Fights, Pies, and Why You Shouldn’t Call Her Diva“We’re all out here together; no one is better than anyone.”
  29. science of us
    ‘Insomnia Identity’: When Not Sleeping Becomes a Part of Who You AreIn a vicious cycle, calling yourself an insomniac can make sleep problems worse.
  30. science of us
    Coming to Terms With Everything My Daughter Won’t RememberMost people don’t have any memories from earliest years, but as a mom, it’s hard to accept that all these moments will be lost.
  31. it’s complicated
    Why I Bring All My Baggage on My First DatesOpening up about divorce, trauma, and mental illness with men I’ve just met.
  32. under the sun
    This Gizmo Promises to Make Skin Cancer Easier to DetectDeveloped by four college students.
  33. wellness theories
    A Vegan Food Blogger on the Realities of Instagram“People probably think I’m super confident because I have a million followers. I’m not.”
  34. science of us
    The Grief Counselor Helping People Mourn Their Pets“Because animals are thought to be replaceable, people say, ‘Well, you can solve this problem. Just go get another one.’”
  35. science of us
    How to Get Over the Need to Be Liked by Everyone You MeetA practical guide.
  36. science of us
    Why Canceling Plans Is So SatisfyingA bad habit that feels so good.
  37. science of us
    The Psychology of Giving Human Names to Your StuffWhy it’s common to have a nickname for a car or a laptop, but not, say, a toaster or toilet.
  38. wellness theories
    This Insanely Toned Star Hates Vegetables and Loves Junk Food“I love the purple bag of Skittles. I like powdered donuts by Hostess. I like Honey Buns by Little Debbie.”
  39. science of us
    Too Many Doctors Still Believe Dangerous Racial StereotypesThe online outrage over a medical textbook barely begins to address a widespread problem.
  40. The Psychological Satisfaction of Watching Gross-out Videos on YouTubeWhy zit-popping and ingrown hairs offer that vicarious thrill.
  41. science of us
    Why It’s So Hard for Doctors to Learn About Transgender Health IssuesThe history of a long-standing gap in medical education.
  42. science of us
    Frequent Pot Smokers Also Have More Sex, Says Extremely Chill StudySex, drugs, and scientific research.
  43. wellness theories
    This Dynasty Actress Is Ready to Fight Off a Mountain Lion“I love that kind of stuff. I can’t go more than a few weeks without finding a mountain.”
  44. science of us
    How to Take a Friendship Break That Doesn’t Turn Into a Breakup“Hey, I want less of you in my life right now” is a conversation that can easily head south.
  45. lawsuits
    Two Courts Just Reversed Two Major Baby-Powder JudgmentsJohnson & Johnson no longer needs to pay $500 million in damages.
  46. science of us
    Dating Long-Distance Means Learning a New Way to FightConflict is trickier when you and your significant other can’t resolve it face-to-face.
  47. science of us
    The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic MasculinitySome experts are skeptical that it can actually change behavior outside the classroom.
  48. science of us
    What Separates ‘Ugly-Cute’ From Just UglyThe appeal of pugs, blobfish, and other funny-looking creatures.
  49. science of us
    The Opioid Epidemic Is Changing Too Fast for Any Solutions to StickPublic-health experts say we’re working from an outdated understanding of the crisis.
  50. nyc baby
    New York Subway Worker Helps Woman Give Birth on Train PlatformA subway cleaner helped deliver a baby boy.
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