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Health Insurance

  1. pregnancy
    It Shouldn’t Be This Expensive to Have a BabyThe average, out-of-pocket cost of maternity care has reportedly risen to over $4,500 — for people with employer-sponsored health insurance.
  2. health insurance
    Why Are Equinox Trainers Losing Their Health Coverage?A new rule pokes a hole in the company message.
  3. we won’t go back
    5 Ways You Can Help Planned ParenthoodGet involved and help their doors stay open.
  4. health and wellness
    Your Birth-Control Coverage Could Get Way Better in 2018Doctors are recommending some big changes.
  5. Company Health Care Still a Draw for EmployeesDespite the Affordable Care Act, people still want company insurance.
  6. economics
    Insurance Companies Can’t Afford Not to Cover Transgender PatientsDenying care makes no economic sense.
  7. laws
    How One State Is Improving Eating-Disorder CareMissouri becomes the first state to require that insurance companies cover comprehensive mental-health treatment for people with anorexia and bulimia.
  8. pre-existing conditions
    Fox News: Women Should Pay More for Health InsuranceAre we pregnant or are we hypochondriacs?
  9. trial and error
    My Failed Attempt to Claim My ‘Free’ Obamacare Birth ControlBetter luck next month.