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  1. lawsuits
    Panera’s High-Caffeine Lemonade Blamed for Another DeathTwo wrongful-death lawsuits accuse the company of misleading customers about its Charged Lemonade.
  2. reasons to love new york
    A $45 Million Effort to Make Pregnancy Less Deadly in BrooklynThe borough president spent his entire capital budget on midwives, NICUs, and more.
  3. as told to
    8 Women on Living With HIV-AIDS Long-TermOn the 35th anniversary of World Aids Day, eight HIV-AIDS survivors and activists share their experience with health care and stigma.
  4. health
    What to Know About ZepboundThe diabetes drug Mounjaro has now been approved for weight loss.
  5. health
    The Truth Behind All That Cortisol TalkIf you learned about — and then obsessed over — high cortisol with Dr. TikTok, it’s time for a reality check.
  6. power
    Maya Kowalski’s $211 Million VerdictA Florida jury found Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg liable on all counts, including contributing to her mother’s suicide.
  7. health
    What Happened to Maya KowalskiWhen a 10-year-old girl complained of mysterious pain, a doctor suspected child abuse. How far would she go to prove it?
  8. culture
    Erewhon’s SecretsJapanese utopians. Corporate glow-ups. $400 smoothies. The strange history of the world’s most cultish grocery store.
  9. maternal health
    The U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Rose for the First Time in 20 YearsSome experts point to vanishing access to reproductive care in explaining the trend.
  10. health
    Prenuvo Wants to Put Your Mind at EaseSome patients say the $2,500 full-body MRI does anything but.
  11. health
    The Best Period Products for Trans Men and Nonbinary PeopleFrom leakproof boxers to menstrual cups you’ll forget you’re wearing.
  12. israel-hamas war
    The Health Crisis Facing Women and Children in GazaResearcher Yara Asi on how cutting off humanitarian aid affects the territory’s most vulnerable.
  13. health
    How to Safely Skip Your PeriodThese are the methods a doctor recommends.
  14. health
    Is Your Body Out of Sync With a Man’s World?On TikTok, influencers promise you can beat burnout by planning your life around your menstrual cycle.
  15. health
    What We Still Don’t Know About Heavy FlowMeasuring blood loss during a heavy period is more complicated than it seems. The consequences, even more so.
  16. health
    The FDA May Finally Take Action on Hair RelaxersThe agency reportedly plans to ban straightening products with formaldehyde.
  17. talking to
    What It’s Like to Free BleedAccording to a woman who hasn’t used tampons or pads in seven years.
  18. health
    What We Still Don’t Understand About COVID Vaccines and PeriodsMore than two years and several boosters later, here’s what we do know and why we don’t know what we don’t.
  19. health
    What You Need to Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome The potentially fatal disease teen magazines warned you about is rarer than you think.
  20. action item
    How to Fight Period PovertyFour ways to help get menstrual products to those who need them.
  21. health
    The Best Sustainable Menstrual Products on the MarketEverything to know about organic tampons, period panties, reusable pads, menstrual cups, and other ecofriendly alternatives.
  22. health
    How to Talk to Your Doctor About Period PainFive things you can do to advocate for yourself at your next OB/GYN appointment.
  23. recalls
    Beware the SinglesKraft has recalled 83,000 cases of its infamous cheese slices
  24. home
    8 Light Therapy Lamps to Help With Seasonal Affective DisorderHow to use SAD lamps and how they work, according to psychologists.
  25. celebrity
    Bella Hadid Says She’s ‘Finally Healthy’ After Intensive Lyme Disease Treatment“If I had to go through all of this again, to get here, to this exact moment I’m in right now … finally healthy, I would.”
  26. ozempic
    A Louisiana Woman Is Suing the Makers of Ozempic and MounjaroHer lawsuit alleges she was throwing up so violently while on the drugs she lost teeth.
  27. health
    Over-the-Counter Birth Control Is ComingOpill, now approved by the FDA to be sold without a prescription, is expected to hit shelves in early 2024.
  28. health
    Madonna Is on the Mend After a ‘Bacterial Infection’The singer posted about her hospitalization on Instagram, confirming that she’s recovering and planning to postpone her Celebration tour.
  29. breast cancer
    Sarah Ferguson Underwent Breast-Cancer SurgeryThe Duchess of York was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer during a routine mammogram.
  30. q&a
    Every Body Is an Intimate Look at Intersex LivesDirector Julie Cohen and activist Sean Saifa Wall want viewers to rethink the gender binary.
  31. health
    What to Know About BerberineThe supplement TikTok influencers call “nature’s Ozempic” isn’t FDA-approved and its long-term effects are unclear.
  32. doomsday
    We’ve Gone Smog WildA healthy sense of nihilism has shrouded the streets of New York.
  33. artificial intelligence
    Turns Out Chatbots Aren’t Great at Eating-Disorder CounselingThe National Eating Disorders Association has disabled its helpline chatbot after it shared harmful advice with users.
  34. first person
    I Tried It: Estrogen Face CreamRubbing estrogen onto my face seemed scary, until it wasn’t.
  35. life after roe
    You May Be Able to Buy the Pill Over the Counter SoonWe’re one step closer to making birth control pills available without a prescription in the U.S. Why has it taken so long?
  36. first person
    Am I Doomed to a Life of Painful Sex?I thought I had finally cured my vaginismus. Then it came back.
  37. advice
    The Longevity Expert Who Wants You to Stay Young ForeverDr. Mark Hyman is reframing our concept of getting old.
  38. first person
    Hanging Out With Your Friends Is Good for YouEspecially if you don’t have anything actually planned.
  39. first person
    Yep, Sobriety Is Good for Your SkinGiving up alcohol — which is pro-inflammatory and dehydrating — naturally depuffed and contoured my face.
  40. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Partner Is ImpotentFor starters, don’t take it personally.
  41. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Chemical Sunscreen?It comes down to the word “chemical” itself.
  42. parenting
    Are We All Secretly Co-sleeping?The answer, according to Instagram and TikTok, is yes. Now if only we could talk about it outside of the comments section.
  43. first person
    The Hidden Grief of Secondary InfertilityI’m tired of hearing that I should be happy with what I have.
  44. advice
    I’m Married, But Sometimes I Prefer Sleeping AloneWhat happened when I left behind the bed I share with my husband for the spare mattress.
  45. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Hydroquinone?The skin-lightening ingredient is now available only with a prescription.
  46. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women on Their ‘Worst’ Health Habits“I just lay there and drink whiskey.” Relatable!
  47. first person
    My Night in an Emergency Psych WardAn involuntary check-in led to a voluntary life change.
  48. sleep
    My Relationship Is Getting in the Way of My MorningsMy boyfriend refuses to use sunlight as our alarm clock. I can’t wake up without it.
  49. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Co-worker Has a Mysterious IllnessSometimes the best thing you can do is provide some normalcy.
  50. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Toxins in Nail Polish?A close look at the chemicals in your favorite colors.
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