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Heart Truth

  1. we dream of livestreams
    Watch the Heart Truth Show Live Here at 7 p.m.See everyone from Gabby Douglas to Kendall and Kylie Jenner walk the runway.
  2. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: The Fashion Week AwardsOur biannual tally of who and what stood out, and why.
  3. crimes of fashion
    Amanda Bynes Skirts ControversyShe donned two miniskirts so micro, insiders saw more than they bargained for.
  4. duff stuff
    Hilary Duff Explains Her New DKNY Jeans LineShe’s not letting the economy get her down when she’s got belt loops to design!
  5. fashion shows
    Latest Runway Shows: Yigal, Lhuillier, TSE, Heart TruthThe latest eye candy from the runway, piping hot and served fresh.
  6. show and tell
    Heart Truth: Spelling Slightly Stumbles, Bynes Gives an EyefulSure, the show is all about raising awareness, which is lovely — but we just want to watch celebs hit the catwalk.
  7. behind the scenes
    Video: Hilary Duff at Heart TruthHilary Duff will do her own makeup, thanks.
  8. loose threads
    Fur-Draped Aretha Franklin Is PETA’s Worst Dressed>• PETA’s worst-dressed list is out! Aretha Franklin tops it, followed by Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan. [TeamSugar]
  9. run through
    George Bush Crashes Laura’s Fashion PartyFirst Lady Laura Bush held a reception at the White House yesterday in honor of the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Initiative’s fifth anniversary, and guess who stopped by? Her darn hubby, George. The initiative aims to promote heart-disease awareness by having celebrities model designer red dresses during Fashion Week, so naturally President Bush cracked a joke about Dick Cheney’s unhealthy heart, saying the vice-president “sends his best.” Oh, har! With quips like that, Bush could blog!
  10. loose threads
    Fashion Faces the Super Bowl; Halston Faces Resuscitation• The scheduling conflict between Super Bowl Sunday and Fashion Week isn’t a huge problem, since the two fan bases are relatively separate. Or they were, until this one quarterback started dating a certain model… Now even Bryan Bradley understands if you want to skip his Tuleh show to catch the first quarter.
  11. show & tell
    Secret Service Makes the Tents Extra-ExclusiveWe’re often amazed at how easily we slip past the watchful guards at the Bryant Park tents — in flats, no less! But the first morning of Fashion Week was, as it is every year, a bit different from what we’ve come to expect during the rest of the week. First Lady Laura Bush was in the front row, surrounded by Secret Service, to attend the Red Dress show for her Heart Truth charity, which raises awareness of heart disease among women.