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  1. ¡hola papi!
    ‘Am I a Helicopter Parent?’Sometimes, loving someone means letting them make their own mistakes.
  2. encounter
    A Broken Heart Put Syd in a Better PlaceIn Broken Hearts Club, the R&B artist opens up about a terrible breakup. It all works out in the end, though.
  3. relationships
    Heartbreak Has No Gray ZoneA brief tour through recent breakup content.
  4. self reflection
    Can a Mustard Bath Mend a Broken Heart?It depends how much you like mustard.
  5. heartbreak
    Love Is Dead: Pro Gamer Dumps ‘World’s Sexiest Weathergirl’ for Call of DutyWhy do bad things happen to beautiful internet celebs?
  6. riherapy
    Rihanna Gave a Fan the Breakup Advice Every Newly Single Person Needs to Hear“Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever!”
  7. love hurts
    30 Famous Women on HeartbreakCoping advice from Rihanna, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Aniston, and more.
  8. keeping up with the kardashians
    Tyga Comments On His Split From Kylie Jenner, Sort OfHe definitely does not want to talk about Rob Kardashian’s suitability as a stepfather, though.
  9. relationships
    For Heartache, Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the MorningEmotional pain acts a lot like physical pain.
  10. welcome to heartbreak
    This Is What Your Breakup Looks Like to Your iPhoneWhat can our smartphone data tell us about heartbreak?
  11. spy games of the heart
    Lessons From Carrie Bradshaw for Edward Snowden’s Heartbroken GirlfriendWhat will sexy ballerina Lindsay Mills do now?
  12. alternative medicine
    Therapy Trend Alert: Side-Eye Your Ex Out of Your MindAn experimental PTSD treatment is used for bad breakups.