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Heavenly Bodies

  1. heavenly bodies
    Heavenly Bodies Is the Most-Visited Exhibit in the Met’s HistoryOver one million people visited the exhibit, which debuted at the Met Gala.
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    See How the ‘Heavenly Bodies’ Met Show Came TogetherIn this time-lapse video of the installation.
  3. reviews
    The Met’s ‘Heavenly Bodies’ Show Is Worth the PilgrimageIt’s gorgeous, moving, and surprisingly witty.
  4. met gala 2018
    Actual Priest Gets Tons of Compliments on Met Gala Outfit“I love your costume.”
  5. heavenly bodies
    The Best (and Worst) Met Gala Beauty LooksWhat kind of lipstick pairs well with a halo?
  6. met gala 2018
    Jaden Smith Brought Another Non-Human Date to the Met GalaFirst his hair, now this.
  7. met gala 2018
    The Met Is Releasing Its First Makeup CollectionOnly the best for the Met Gala gift shop.
  8. heavenly bodies
    Christian Fashion Week Will Accept MiniskirtsBut not cleavage.
  9. heavenly bodies
    Isaac Mizrahi Does Not Know What the Sun IsTalkin’ astronomy on QVC.