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  1. oscars 2022
    No, Jacob Elordi Is Definitely TallHe and his tiny earring are lying to you.
  2. the more you know
    How Tall Is Everyone in the White House? An InvestigationWho is the tallest member of the Trump family? Who is the shortest cabinet official? We have the answers.
  3. Dutch Are Huge, Guatemalans Were Tiny, and Other Facts From 100 Years in HeightTo see human history, consider the human body.
  4. tall tales
    What It’s Like to Be a Woman Who’s 6’2”I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself — but not with the feelings my body seems to bring out in other women.
  5. shorties
    In Manhattan, Short Men Are Out of Luck 99 Percent of the TimeBut perhaps they can all get dates in Jersey.