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Hello Kitty

  1. lunchtime buy
    Hello Kitty Loves Your PimplesShe makes zit stickers now.
  2. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Are These Asian Vitamins the Key to Great Skin?Examining the edible collagen trend.
  3. best bets
    This Silly, Cute Hello Kitty iPhone Case Will Make You HappyIt literally says, “You have a way of brightening my day!”
  4. yohji yamameowto
    A Yohji Yamamoto Hello Kitty Line Is HappeningOnly in Japan.
  5. things you didn’t know you need
    Hello Kitty Sunglasses Grown-ups Can WearMore cool than cutesy.
  6. quotables
    Venus Williams Pairs Hello Kitty With MissoniJust a normal plane outfit, no big deal.
  7. someone had to say it
    Charlize Theron Perplexed by Hello Kitty CrapGod, it’s awesome when celebrities say this stuff.
  8. cover girls (and cats)
    Say Elle-o to Hello KittyShe’s covering the new issue of Taiwanese Elle, you see.
  9. beauty marks
    Composite Face-Lifts Gain Momentum; No One Is Buying Jennifer Aniston’s PerfumePlus, MAC teams up with Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor.
  10. first looks
    First Look: ‘Japan Fashion Now’ at the Museum at F.I.T.Celebrating 25 years in Japanese fashion, from Comme des Garçons to Hello Kitty.
  11. loose threads
    Milan Fashion Week Shortened; Hilary Duff Does DKNY Jeans LineAlso, Barbie and Hello Kitty invade Fashion Week, and Kate Moss art is expected to fetch £100,000 to £150,000.
  12. beauty marks
    Dolce & Gabbana Launches Makeup; D.J.’s Create Nail-Polish ColorsAlso, learn how to make your own body scrub out of brown sugar.
  13. beauty marks
    Wrinkle-Cream Ads Pulled; Carolina Herrera Likes Short Hair on 40-Plus WomenAlso, Dakota Fanning’s makeup routine and Calvin Klein’s new scents.
  14. run through
    Japan Invades Midtown Until November, Our Inner Hello Kitty Fan RejoicesThe Japan C showcase features clothes, design, beauty, and trinkets that we’re seriously coveting.
  15. beauty marks
    Just Asking: Is M.A.C Releasing a Hello Kitty Collaboration?We’ve been hearing that the two are teaming up for a 2009 collection — making all of your super-cute dreams come true.
  16. first looks
    Kidrobot’s New Jewelry Line Is Full of Angry BunniesJewelry and Barbie designer Tarina Tarantino collaborated with Kidrobot on their latest colorful, shiny offerings.