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    Hermès Can’t Trademark Its Name in ChineseBecause someone else already did.
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    The Hermès Family Shares More Complaints About LVMH in This Month’s WIn other news, the company’s Paris headquarters has a very fancy roof deck.
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    Hermès CEO Likens LVMH’s Buyout Attempts to ‘Rape’“I am simply thinking out loud.”
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    Christophe Lemaire’s First Show for Hermès Will Be More Martin Margiela Than Jean Paul Gaultier, Will Probably Not Include Live HorsesThe designer’s former position at Lacoste did not allow him to “unleash his full potential.”
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    LVMH Now Owns 20 Percent of HermèsMerry Christmas, Hermès.
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    Now It’s LVMH’s Turn to Be Angry Over All This Hermès BusinessFinally, an LVMH exec fires back!
  7. rules shmules
    Hermès Asks to Be Exempted From Trade RegulationsIt’s the only way their whole “unnamed holding company” scheme will work.
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    Hermès Makes Good on Its Plan to Protect Itself From LVMHThe Hermès family has pooled over 50 percent of the company into an unlisted entity where LVMH can’t get to them.
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    Hermès’s CEO Calls It ‘the Pretty Flower’ That LVMH Could ‘Kill’Ooh, more luxury mudslinging!
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    Hermès Sticks It to LVMH by Inviting Salma Hayek to Their Paris Store OpeningShe’s the wife of LVMH’s main competitor, PPR’s François-Henri Pinault.
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    This Twelve-Foot Hermès Bag Will Show People How It Feels to Be Smushed Inside a PursePeople are invited to climb inside it.
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    Hermès Launches Ad Campaign to Defend the ‘Unique Know-How, Values, and the Culture of the House’They’ve taken out full-page ads in several French newspapers.
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    Hermès Likens LVMH to ‘a Mosquito Buzzing Around’“It’s annoying.”
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    The French Government Might Change Its Laws in Response to LVMH’s Underhanded Acquisition of Hermès StocksMeanwhile, Hermès’s sales are going gangbusters.
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    LVMH Will Be Formally Investigated for Sneakily Purchasing Hermès StockThey’re being probed by French stock-market regulators.
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    Hermès Tells LVMH ‘to Withdraw’Hermès exec says LVMH is not being “friendly.”
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    LVMH Looks Like It May Buy More of HermèsHermès required LVMH to make a statement of intent since they acquired 17.1 percent of the company last week.