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  1. tv
    This Is the Only Home-Improvement Show I Want to WatchLorraine Bracco, a.k.a. Dr. Melfi from The Sopranos, is fixing up a home in Sicily.
  2. culture
    Brad Pitt Is the New Property BrotherBrad Pitt stars in an episode of the HGTV show’s spinoff series.
  3. celebrity couples
    Zooey Deschanel Is Dating One of the Property BrothersDeschanel and Jonathan Scott made their debut in the chaotic light of the Friday the 13th moon.
  4. property disputes
    Lance Bass Was Cruelly Swindled Out of the Brady Bunch HouseThe drama behind this “#ShadyBrady” property dispute.
  5. hgtv scandals
    Is This Part of Fixer Upper a Giant Lie?A former Abercrombie and Ralph Lauren model said the show’s opening scene is fake.