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  1. hot shot
    Here’s Tom Hiddleston Holding a Puppy Before Taylor Swift’s Album ReleaseHe’s doing fiiiine.
  2. hiddleswift
    Tom Hiddleston Does Not Like Being Asked If He ‘Regrets’ Taylor SwiftPlease stop asking him about it.
  3. The Best 5 Theories Floating Around on the Demise of HiddleswiftWell, that was quick.
  4. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Is Now Letting Her ‘Friends’ Release Their Fourth of July ImagesA coordinated blitz.
  5. the swift pr machine
    Everyone But You Was Invited to Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July PartyMaking Taymerica great again.
  6. the swift pr machine
    Tom Hiddleston Wears Taylor Swift’s InitialsHe also reportedly had a red heart with a T on his bicep.
  7. the swift pr machine
    Behold, Taylor Swift’s Last Goth DayThe edgy looks are gone, but not forgotten.
  8. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris ‘Astonished’ Over Hiddleswift TripPoor guy.
  9. You Can Now Buy ‘Breakup Insurance’ for Taylor Swift’s RelationshipsChinese retailer Taobao is offering plans.
  10. the swift pr machine
    Tom Hiddleston Brought Taylor Swift Home to Dear Old MumKeeping it very Loki.
  11. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Go on a DateLook, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but they POSSIBLY ate $25 Gulf red snapper.
  12. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Dance in PublicThe new couple went on a double date to the Selena Gomez concert.
  13. Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Take Over TwitterThe question now: #Hiddleswift or #Swiddleston?