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  1. power
    What to Know About the Protests in IranSince Mahsa Amini’s death, Iranian forces have killed more than 500 protesters, including women and children.
  2. iran protests
    What to Know About the Iranian Climber Who Competed Without a HijabElnaz Rekabi has returned to Iran, but many fear for her safety.
  3. first person
    We Left Iran in 1982. I Should Be There Now.Watching the protests, 40 years after my family fled, all I want is to go back.
  4. style
    Are Headscarves Only Cool When They’re on the Runway?The style was all the rage at Paris Fashion Week, even while France keeps trying to ban the hijab.
  5. style
    Where Were the Hijabs on the Met Gala Red Carpet?This year’s Met Gala theme attempted to be inclusive of all American identities except for mine.
  6. the cut podcast
    Stay Out of My Hijabi BusinessIn this episode, the baggage that comes with shifting your identity.
  7. first person
    My Hijab Has Always Been My ChoiceI’m not voiceless, and neither are the Muslim teen girls France wants to silence.
  8. A Fashion Designer and an Activist Talk Cultural AppropriationWhat is a designer responsible for, beyond the aesthetic of a collection?
  9. power
    Half of Iranians Are Against Mandatory HijabsA report was released after 29 women were arrested for protesting the mandatory veiling law.
  10. power
    29 Women Arrested in Iran for Protesting Mandatory-Hijab LawsMore and more women are pushing back against the country’s strict dress code.
  11. Women in Iran Are Wearing White to Protest the Country’s Strict Dress CodeIt’s part of the #WhiteWednesdays campaign.
  12. What Nike’s ‘Pro Hijab’ for Muslim Women Athletes Looks LikeIt’s made of polyester mesh, more breathable than the usual cotton.
  13. lawsuits
    NYPD Officer Says She Was Harassed for Years for Wearing a HijabShe filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court for civil-rights violations.
  14. A Woman in Saudi Arabia Was Arrested for Posting This Picture Without a HijabShe wore a dress, a coat, and ankle boots, but no hijab, in a Twitter picture.
  15. This Teen Wore a Hijab and Burkini During Miss Minnesota USA PageantHalima Aden wore a hijab and burkini.
  16. Muslim Women Say They’re Afraid to Wear the Hijab in Public After Trump’s WinDonald Trump’s America.
  17. women’s chess
    Female Chess Players Are Furious About Being Forced to Wear Hijabs in IranThe world championship tournament is in Iran, where women are required to wear hijabs.