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  1. muslim women
    European Court Rules Employers Can Ban Hijabs in the WorkplaceThe European Union’s highest court ruled a company’s wish to appear neutral was legitimate.
  2. islamophobia
    State Rep Withdraws Proposed Bill That Would Make Wearing the Hijab IllegalThis would be an update to Georgia’s existing anti-masking law.
  3. women in sports
    Here’s the First Hijabi Woman to Appear on the Cover of a Fitness MagazineRahaf Khatib is a six-time marathoner.
  4. 2016 olympics
    How to Design a Saudi Arabian Woman’s Running UniformBreathe, stretch, and looseness are all key.
  5. global style
    Why Dolce & Gabbana’s Hijab and Abaya Line Is So ImportantProof you can follow fashion and faith.
  6. video
    Employees Fired for Banning Hijabi From ZaraA security guard refused entry to a woman wearing a headscarf at a Zara outside Paris.
  7. sharia style
    Iran’s Morals Police Crack Down on Sacrilegiously Sexy MannequinsFake plastic girls subject to real religious laws.