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Hilary’s Feelings Corner

  1. people we like
    The Many Long-Sleeved Black Dresses of Julie DelpyIn appreciation.
  2. booby trapped
    Confessions of a Tween Victoria’s Secret WearerA response to Good Morning America’s outrage.
  3. mister elusive
    Kanye: What’s That Face Mask, Margiela?Doctors say I’m the illest, so I’m trying to stay warm.
  4. galliano
    Imagining Galliano’s First Day at Oscar’s StudioHot dogs, Pinterest, and a chat with Anna.
  5. An Ode to Snoop Dogg’s French TipsIt’s really a rap.
  6. great expectations
    Quvenzhané Wallis Tells André Leon Talley: ‘Fashion Is My Kryptonite’It’s apparently a Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman song.
  7. sing alongs
    Roberto Cavalli’s Favorite ThingsA song.
  8. quotables
    Ryan Gosling’s Rash Was Likely a Patch of Beautiful, Sexy PustulesHis Gangster Squad costume was itchy.
  9. collaboration station
    Yoko Ono’s Fashions for Men Are Perfect for Hot BodsNow at Opening Ceremony.
  10. model tracker
    One of Ford’s New Male Models Is a WomanEveryone say “hi” to Casey Legler.
  11. smile with your eyes
    I Tried Tyra’s Smize Yourself! App So You Never, Ever Have To“Squint your eyes and bore your soul.”
  12. ze french
    Carla Bruni and Baby Giulia Went to the DoctorCaaaaarlaaaaa!
  13. model tracker
    Pregnant Gisele: Is This Still Happening?Still?
  14. the gandy man can
    David Gandy, the ThinkerWe missed you.
  15. pass that versace
    Lana Del Rey ‘Is Now Officially the Face’ of Some Sort of VersaceThe clothes label?
  16. ze french
    Carla Bruni: New French ‘First Lady’ Should Be a ‘Legitimate Wife’Deep breaths.
  17. pass that versace
    Cindy Crawford: Wrong“I never need to see this outfit again!”
  18. trapped in the macy’s
    Tracy Morgan: Big Believer in the Magic of Macy’sMaybe he’s been there since 2010.
  19. non-trends
    Ask a Real British Person About the Times’ New Trend PieceAlex Rees, everybody.
  20. hed-ache
    Write Your Own Fashion-World Open Letter With the Cut’s Easy-to-Use TemplateSomething to do this weekend.
  21. ze french
    Carla Bruni Sang a Song on French TVAlong with uncoordinated audience applause.
  22. ysl
    Salma Hayek Saw Hedi Slimane’s New CollectionAnd it was glorious.
  23. with imagination i’ll get there
    WWD Thought Ann Romney Looked Like a RainbowWith twinkling stars and seahorses in the background.
  24. hot shot
    What Were Peter Brant II and Nick Gruber Singing at Karaoke Last Night?The most important post we’ll ever write.
  25. it’s the pits
    Kristen Stewart Puts on a Dress, Has Her Armpits LickedTwo separate thoughts, both equally important.
  26. ze french
    Valérie Trierweiler’s Bikini Body Shame Only Worth 2,000 EurosBetter luck next time.