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Hilary Mantel

  1. nothing like a dame
    Pink-Haired Designer Zandra Rhodes Is Now a Dame The honor was bestowed by Queen Elizabeth.
  2. bring up the bodies
    Hilary Mantel Stands by Kate Middleton Remarks“I would say it all over again.”
  3. royal portraits
    Racy Kate Middleton Painter Receives Prestigious National Arts HonorAfter painting her pregnant in a bra, Nick Lord will be in the National Portrait Gallery.
  4. pregnant princesses!!
    How Pregnancy Freed Kate MiddletonTemporarily, at least.
  5. royal vaginas
    Are You Team Duchess Kate or Team Hilary Mantel?This is why we can’t have nice discourse.
  6. class ceilings of sorts
    Hilary Mantel Is First Woman to Win Booker Prize TwiceSometimes sequels are just as critically acclaimed as the original.