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Hillary 2016?

  1. festive moments
    Mariah Carey on ’90s Beauty, Hillary, and What’s BleakAnd why she’s a feminist “in an unexpected way.”
  2. quotables
    Pharrell Calls 2016 Election: Hillary Clinton“You’re a woman, and there’s no way in the world you’re going to vote for somebody that’s going to try to tell you what to do with your body.”
  3. quotables
    Bill Clinton Wants Us to See Hillary How He Sees HerIt’s sweet and not sexy. 
  4. hillary 2016?
    In Secret Ritual, Senate Coven Endorses HillaryHillary Clinton, WE INVOKE THEE!
  5. pantsuits of the union
    Anna Wintour Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuits and CampaignLong live ODLR trousers.