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  1. politics
    Here’s Why an Artist Bought All of Hillary Clinton’s Election Night ConfettiDepressing and ecofriendly.
  2. mental health
    25 Famous Women on TherapyKaty Perry, Oprah, Selena Gomez, Hillary Clinton, and more on their experiences.
  3. politics
    Here Are All the Books Hillary Clinton Has Time to Read NowLet’s just say she’s had some free time on her hands.
  4. far and wide
    25 Famous Women on the Pleasures of TravelingChrissy Teigen, Martha Stewart, Joan Didion, and more share their fondest memories.
  5. wellness
    25 Famous Women on Their Self-Care RitualsBeyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, and more on their wellness routines.
  6. Hillary Is Out of the Woods and Swinging in Her Speech at Georgetown▶️ “Here I go again, mentioning research and studies and facts.”
  7. the guy with the clinton tattoo
    The Guy Who Got Chelsea Clinton’s Face Tattooed on Him Speaks OutOh, and he also has one of Hillary.
  8. Amanda Knox Says She Doesn’t Owe Donald Trump Her LoyaltyTrump is “very upset” she supported Hillary Clinton.
  9. politics
    Hillary Clinton Says She’s Part of the Resistance NowShe said she’s back to being an “activist citizen.”
  10. politics
    Here’s How Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech Came TogetherA new book gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Hillary Clinton and her aides wrote the speech she never thought she’d give.
  11. true crime
    Trump Was Reportedly ‘Very Upset’ That Amanda Knox Supported Hillary ClintonThe president’s friend and neighbor says Trump’s not happy that Knox didn’t support him after he spoke out about her innocence.
  12. book deals
    Huma Abedin Reportedly Wants $2 Million for a Tell-All BookShe’s rumored to be meeting with “top literary agents” to discuss a book deal.
  13. politics
    7 Important Things Hillary Clinton Said at the Women in the World SummitShe discussed Donald Trump, women’s rights, and her favorite meme.
  14. love and war
    25 Famous Women on BullyingLeslie Jones, Hillary Clinton, Tyra Banks, and more on rising above their haters.
  15. keeping up with the clintons
    Hillary Clinton’s Nephew Got a Modeling ContractTyler Clinton got himself a contract with IMG Models.
  16. What Hillary’s Leather Jacket Reveals About Her New, Postelection PersonaShe’s “out of the woods” — and out of that Patagonia fleece.
  17. woke children
    Suri Cruise Is ‘Hurt’ That Hillary Clinton Lost the ElectionThis will make you feel old.
  18. politics
    Hillary Clinton Has a New Rhyming MantraClinton gave her first major postelection speech on Tuesday.
  19. hillary clinton for mayor?
    Hillary Clinton Is ‘Ready to Come Out of the Woods’There’s more buzz about a possible NYC mayoral run.
  20. celebrity babies
    Hillary Clinton Wrote to Amber Tamblyn and David Cross’s Newborn DaughterThanks to the letter, we now know the name of the baby!
  21. Watch a College Restage a Presidential Debate With Trump As a WomanThe results weren’t as clear-cut as you’d think.
  22. hairy situations
    Hillary Clinton Got BangsShockingly, people are already weighing in.
  23. but her emails
    This Photo of Hillary Clinton Reading About Pence’s Emails Is Going ViralBut her emails!
  24. women in politics
    Hillary Clinton Spoke Out About Being Treated Unfairly in the ElectionClinton spoke at a Wellesley College event that was closed to the press.
  25. the cut portfolio
    Backstage Scenes With Marc Jacobs and Hillary ClintonAn insider’s view of New York Fashion Week, day eight.
  26. political fashion
    Hillary Clinton Suggested We All Re-Read the ConstitutionShe got political at Oscar de la Renta’s stamp dedication ceremony.
  27. goodbye to all that
    Hillary Clinton Is Writing a Book of Personal EssaysIt will presumably include a foreword by Katy Perry.
  28. gallery
    Never-Before-Seen Photos of Hillary ClintonAs captured by former White House photographer Robert McNeely.
  29. look book
    The Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Fellow Who Organized in Wyoming“I feel like I did my small part in Wyoming, and next month I’m going to Taiwan.”
  30. Hillary Clinton Wore a Ralph Lauren White Pantsuit to Trump InaugurationIt’s not her first.
  31. hot shots
    Hillary Clinton–Spotting Is the Hottest New HobbyShe was spotted this afternoon at The Humans.
  32. Here Is What Hillary Clinton’s Cabinet Definitely Would’ve Looked LikeAttorney General Lena Dunham.
  33. hillary clinton for mayor?
    Is Hillary Clinton Planning a Run for New York City Mayor?Where there’s a Hill, there’s a way.
  34. survey says
    Americans Name Hillary Clinton Most Admired Woman for the 15th Year in a RowThis is Hillary’s 15th consecutive time as Americans’ most admired woman.
  35. motherhood
    25 Famous Women on PregnancyHillary Clinton, Beyoncé, Zadie Smith, and more celebrity moms on what it’s really like.
  36. backlashes
    The Pantsuit Nation Backlash Is Here, and It’s IntenseAll it took was a book deal.
  37. politics
    Tina Fey Tells Everyone the Real Reason Hillary Clinton Lost the ElectionTina Fey: political analyst.
  38. appearances
    Hillary’s No-Makeup Face As Rorschach TestHow you interpret her choices likely says more about you than her.
  39. Blaming Clinton’s Base for Her Loss Is the Ultimate InsultThe women and people of color who have the most to lose under Trump are receiving the lion’s share of the fault for our recent national cataclysm.
  40. Trump Won’t Investigate Hillary, But Instead Will ‘Help Her Heal’According to Kellyanne Conway.
  41. avid reader
    Hillary Clinton Has Been Finding Post-Election Solace Among BooksShe was spotted at a bookstore in Rhode Island over the weekend.
  42. the politics of goop
    Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks the Election Result Is ‘Exciting’She won’t say whom she supported in the presidential election.
  43. Get a Rare Look at Hillary Clinton As a Grandmother in ActionAll of the feels.
  44. politics
    Clinton Tells Supporters to ‘Stay Engaged’ in First Speech Since Losing ElectionSpeaking at the Children’s Defense Fund gala in Washington, D.C., Clinton urged her supporters to keep working.
  45. politics
    This Mom Is Receiving Death Threats After Posing for Photo With Hillary ClintonMargot Gerster said she wants the story to go away.
  46. glamour women of the year
    Celebrities Gave Moving Onstage Tributes to Hillary Clinton on Monday NightShonda Rhimes, Lena Dunham, Constance Wu, and others thanked her.
  47. politics
    Hillary Clinton Is the First Candidate to Ever Say This in a Concession SpeechHer speech was historic in more ways than one.
  48. what happens next
    How Muslim Women Across the Political Spectrum Are Reacting to Trump’s Win“How could he get away with it?”
  49. disappointment
    If Trump Scares You, You’re Getting a Glimpse of What It Feels Like to Be BlackDisappointment of this kind courses through your veins when you live as a person of color in this world.
  50. with her
    My Daughter Grew Up Believing She Could Do AnythingThen she woke up the day after the election.
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