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  1. choo choo
    Rating the Himbos of ‘Bullet Train’“What if all your boyfriends were trying to kill one another on one train?” is a perfect summer-movie concept.
  2. the cut podcast
    In Search of HimbosDo they exist in real life, or just Channing Tatum movies? In this episode, we try to find that “golden retriever energy” IRL.
  3. that’s hot
    Did Zoë Kravitz Give Channing Tatum a Skater Makeover?Now this I can get behind.
  4. humblebrag
    Please Don’t Let This Be the End of Shirtless Channing TatumThe actor joked about wanting to be less naked in his movies.
  5. celebrity
    Is Orlando Bloom Messing With Us?Among the more absurd details in his latest interview: He consumes no fewer than four powders a day.