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His Forbulessness

  1. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford Recruiting Womenswear DesignersHis ladies’ line is coming together!
  2. his forbulessness
    Colin Firth Worked Out So Tom Ford Would Like HimThere’s a lot of nudity in ‘A Single Man.’
  3. cult of personality
    Tom Ford Tells Nicolas Ghesquière Designing Clothes ‘Is a Dictatorship’No wonder fashion designers feel so important.
  4. his forbulessness
    Video: Tom Ford Thinks He Called Colin Firth Fat to His Face Before Shooting A Single ManAnd more highlights from the designer-cum-director’s talk-show rounds.
  5. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford Does Have InsidesHe is not just an empty black lacquered box with a platinum handle from the twenties.
  6. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford Would Fall Apart Without Shoe PolishAlso, he has no remorse about loving crocodile.
  7. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford Confirms He’s Launching WomenswearWhy should men alone know the joys of his $10,000 fur boots?