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  1. histories
    A Detailed History of Cardi B and Offset’s Tumultuous RelationshipJoin me on a journey through time.
  2. new york beginnings
    The Brooklyn Bar Where Everybody’s Just Looking for LoveThe enduring charm of a dive bar where everyone feels like they might get laid.
  3. histories
    Hollywood’s First Major Harassment Case, 96 Years Before WeinsteinActress Virginia Rappe deserves to be remembered now more than ever.
  4. histories
    Is Girl-on-Girl Kissing Still Shocking on Broadway?A lesbian kiss that caused a scandal is back in the play Indecent.
  5. online seductions
    A History of Cybersex: Dirty Talk, Chat Rooms, and AddictionsOnce upon a time, cybering was the safest sex around.
  6. dong watch
    Investigating the Dildos of 19th-Century NantucketOne man’s personal white whale.