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  1. art and soul
    6 Artists Reimagine Monuments on the National Mall“Beyond Granite: Pulling Together” honors the people and events whose history had yet to be etched in stone in Washington.
  2. history
    Ms. Magazine Turns 50Looking back at half a century of truth-telling and rebelling.
  3. history
    This Pride Month, Can We Talk About Abolition?Amid the corporate pandering, queer abolitionist poet Christopher Soto reminds us that Pride is still protest.
  4. all in the family
    When the Guardian of Family History Is Gone, What Then?Four descendants of Holocaust survivors on the influence of their relatives’ legacies.
  5. history
    Harriet Tubman’s Lost Family Home Has Finally Been FoundArchaeologists say they’ve discovered the site where the abolitionist’s family lived in the early 1800s.
  6. nightlife
    How Will We Remember Gay Bars?Jeremy Atherton Lin’s new book maps the loss of queer nightlife.
  7. the cut podcast
    Do You Actually Miss Yoga Studios?On this week’s episode, the tension between yoga’s spiritual roots and capitalist promise.
  8. photography
    A Cinephile’s Dream-Travel Bucket ListThe Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram account is releasing a book.
  9. culture
    A Brief History of Female HorninessExpressed through 12 songs.
  10. write it
    Writing Historical Fiction As History Repeats ItselfLiving through the urgency of this moment, I’ve found that writing parts of my novel required something more of me.
  11. the bigger picture
    100 Years of Hygge, IlluminatedThe rich history of Danish lighting design from 1920 to now.
  12. weddings
    Wedding Websites Say They’ll Finally Stop Glorifying PlantationsUntil now, the wedding industry has had few qualms about repurposing sites of historical atrocities as venues for fairytale romance.
  13. the bigger picture
    A Love Letter to MexicoFrom the former director of Elle España.
  14. the bigger picture
    Before There Were Instagram Filters, There Was Kodachrome700,000 anonymous photo slides form a nostalgic picture of mid-century domesticity.
  15. fashion
    What Are These Fuzzy Hats on The Crown?A truly bonkers ’60s-style moment.
  16. the cut on tuesdays
    When Your Dream Wedding Includes an Informative Bus TourEve L. Ewing takes us along for the ride on this week’s Cut podcast.
  17. cringe
    Naomi Wolf’s Nightmare Continues ApaceHer publisher pushed back the release date after “new questions” arose about the contentious book.
  18. tv
    Please Stop Taking Selfies at Chernobyl, Requests Series CreatorIs that really so hard?
  19. whoops
    Here’s an Actual Nightmare: Naomi Wolf Learning On-Air That Her Book Is WrongSomewhere in the pantheon of anxiety dreams near “showing up to work naked” is “learning on-air that your book is totally wrong.”
  20. hot presidents
    What’s Going on With This Sexy Shirtless Lincoln Statue?It lives outside of a courthouse in L.A., and is official government property.
  21. nuns
    Medieval Nun Faked Her Own Death to Pursue ‘Carnal Lust’Joan of Leeds pulled off the elaborate scheme described as “cunning” and “nefarious” by an archbishop.
  22. talking to
    What Can The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots Teach Us About Sex?In pre-modern times, same-sex intimacy was an accepted part of the culture.
  23. history
    Did Mary, Queen of Scots Really Wear All of Those Earrings?Investigating a costume-drama mystery.
  24. power
    Stacey Abrams’s Win Is Just the BeginningHer victory is a lesson in how to break the rules of politics.
  25. look book
    The Historian Who Loves Architecture“I’m kind of an architecture nerd and carry around the 1978 AIA Guide to New York architecture.”
  26. landmark court cases
    Linda Brown of Brown v. Board of Education Has Died“Sixty-four years ago, a young girl from Topeka brought a case that ended segregation in public schools in America.”
  27. gallery
    The 16-Year-Old Algerian Artist Who Influenced Picasso and MatisseBaya was discovered at age 16.
  28. mysteries
    New Clues About the Fate of Amelia EarhartA new study suggests the bones found on the island of Nikumaroro in 1940 belong to the famous aviator.
  29. stoneman shooting
    Who Was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?She fought for women’s right to vote and the conservation of the Everglades.
  30. progress
    Wineglasses Are 7 Times the Size They Used to BeFinally, some good news.
  31. Seeking Emotional Moderation in an Age of ExtremesIn praise of temperance, an old-timey trait with modern-day applications.
  32. Why ‘Just Relax’ Has Always Been Bad Advice for Women Looking to Get PregnantConnecting stress to infertility is a medical belief with a long, sexist history.
  33. The 1930s Scientist Who Popularized a Terrifying Brain SurgeryA brief, unsettling history of the lobotomy.
  34. history
    Maybe Booze Catalyzed Human CultureBecause what’s a feast without a couple beverages?
  35. herstory
    New Study Reveals Anne Frank Could Have Been Discovered by AccidentResearchers think it’s possible the family wasn’t betrayed.
  36. religion
    Why Psychology Is Such a Young ScienceWhen the soul becomes the mind.
  37. Before Social Media, Parents Showed Off Their Kids at ‘Baby Shows’With prizes for cutest baby, fattest baby, and even best set of multiples.
  38. identity
    Mirrors Turned People Into IndividualistsWhat your reflection does to you.
  39. Even a Century Ago, People Were Worried About Technology Ruining RelationshipsAn old cartoon echoes some very modern anxieties.
  40. The Long, Gross History of Using Bedbugs As MedicineA few centuries ago, they were used as medicine for pretty much everything.
  41. The Historical Reason Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button on Opposite SidesIt dates way back to the 13th century.
  42. How the Beach Went From Terrifying Danger Zone to Beloved Vacation SpotNext time you’re sprawled out beneath an umbrella, thank the Industrial Revolution.
  43. How Hangovers Helped Bring Us the Two-Day WeekendThank the original Sunday Funday.
  44. Why You Swipe Left When Someone Says They Love NickelbackA new book explains how taste came to be such an important part of dating.
  45. The Little-Known Medical History of HomesicknessIt was thought to be a dangerous, even potentially fatal, illness for many years.
  46. the good old days
    Ancient Rose Ceremonies Were Way Deadlier Than The Bachelor’sChris Harrison has nothing on ancient Rome.
  47. book excerpt
    What Made a Good Marriage in 1939?This rating system was an early attempt to talk scientifically about relationships.
  48. lies
    The Most Iconic Studio 54 Photo Is a Big Lie Bianca Jagger and the horse she did not ride in on.
  49. Men of History, Why Did You Grow Your Beards?Mr. Darwin, why the bushy face-bush? 
  50. first person
    Why I Live in an All-Women Boardinghouse in New York CityJust like Joan Didion, Sylvia Plath, and Grace Kelly before me.
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