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  1. hmmm
    Sean Spicer Says Congressman Who Sexted Young Boys Was ‘Fun to Be Around’Interesting.
  2. uh
    Melania Trump Wears ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket to BorderHmmmmmm.
  3. hmmm
    Gossip Column Claims Women Are Extremely Horny for Rudy GiulianiThis comes after the former NYC mayor and his wife announced that they’re divorcing.
  4. hmmm
    Margaret Atwood Thinks Star Wars Caused 9/11“The only difference is, in Star Wars, they get away.” Hmm.
  5. hmmm
    Is Jack Antonoff Dating a Model Who Isn’t Lorde?Sure looks like it.
  6. hmmm
    The GOP’s Instagram About Female Political Appointees Is EmbarrassingKaren Pence and Melania Trump — not political appointees!
  7. hmmm
    What Elon Musk Wore to the Sex Party He Says He Didn’t Know Was a Sex PartyInteresting choice for a non-sex party.
  8. Kellyanne Conway Says Donald Trump Helps Women ‘Privately’Not the best word choice.
  9. hmmm
    Trump Adviser Says You Don’t Need the Flu Shot Because of Jesus“Jesus himself gave us the flu shot. He redeemed us from the curse of the flu.”
  10. hmmm
    Trump Jokes That Getting Shot Is a Great Way to Lose WeightWhat.
  11. hmmm
    NY Gov. Tells Reporter Her Sexual-Harassment Question Is a ‘Disservice to Women’Not a great look.
  12. hmmm
    Bill O’Reilly Calls Las Vegas Shooting the ‘Price of Freedom’The conservative pundit defended gun rights after 59 people were murdered and more than 500 injured in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.
  13. hmmm
    The Newest Season of X-Files Will Have No Women WritersThe show went with an all-male writers room for season 11.
  14. hmmm
    Equal-Pay Advocate Ivanka Trump Apparently Makes Her Interns Work for FreeHuh.