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  1. Abercrombie Ditches Shirtless Men and Racy Ads “Store associates will not be hired based on body type or physical attractiveness.”
  2. loose threads
    NYC Fashion Fellows Launches; Stella McCartney Announces Fashion ScholarshipPlus, Beyoncé’s new perfume ad drops.
  3. loose threads
    Mother-Daughter Shoplifting Trip Ends Badly; M Magazine to RelaunchPlus, Guinevere van Seenus covers Vogue Netherlands’ June issue.
  4. de-lightful
    A Hollister Store in England Is So Dark People Are Getting Lost InsideOne customer even said the poor lighting made her nauseous.
  5. vermin!
    Video: Meet the People Who Risked Mingling With Bedbugs to Shop at Abercrombie and HollisterAnd check out the protective bedbug suit the professionals wear to enter bedbug danger zones.
  6. the heat
    At Least This Heat Has Been Great for RetailEven bedbug Hollister!
  7. vermin!
    Is Hollister’s Bedbug Problem Really Solved?It’s impossible to say, but probably not.
  8. vermin!
    Proof That Bedbugs Love Frat Boys: Abercrombie & Fitch Is the Newest VictimPopped collars are like manna for bloodsuckers.
  9. loose threads
    Stephanie Pratt May Join The City; Miu Miu’s Fall Campaign RevealedPlus, Repetto and Commes des Garçons to collaborate on a line of pumps.
  10. vermin!
    Soho Hollister Closed Owing to Bedbug InfestationWho’s jonesing for a lawsuit?
  11. we don’t think we’re ready for this jelly
    Abercrombie’s Sales Are Finally Up!They still lost money, but not nearly as much as they had been losing! It’s incredible!
  12. torso patrol
    Hollister Let the Abs Out YesterdaySpring is really here!
  13. torso patrol
    Hollister Won’t Let Bare Abs on the Street for Another Three WeeksFor now, if you want to see them you’ll have to go inside the store.
  14. other critics
    This Week’s ‘Critical Shopper’ Seduced by Scantily Clad Hotties in HollisterIt’s basically the opposite of Cintra Wilson’s JCPenney review that ran last week.
  15. this store may be screwed
    Abercrombie to Lower Prices, Focus on Being Sexy and ControversialAfter three straight quarters of double-digit sales declines, executives are reevaluating things.
  16. epic lifeguards
    Epic Hollister Isn’t So Epic to Soho ResidentsA sign saying “Go Home Hollister” appeared on a building across the street.
  17. epic lifeguards
    Hollister Sort of Hired Fake Customers to Shop on Opening DayEmployees from other Hollister stores were flown in to walk around and look pretty.
  18. epic lifeguards
    New ‘Epic’ Hollister Store Is Epically AwkwardShirtless models are perhaps only a good idea in theory.
  19. epic lifeguards
    Lifeguards Now on Duty at New Hollister StoreSunscreen: check. Shirts: not so much.
  20. loose threads
    Epic Hollister Store Rife With ‘Sexual Overtones’; Lorenzo Martone Lands TV RoleAlso, Nicole Kidman brought haute couture gowns back to the red carpet.
  21. recession store-ies
    We’re Kind of Excited About the New Hollister StoreThe marketing attempts are desperate, but they just might work.
  22. loose threads
    Abercrombie to Cut Prices; Giorgio Armani Recovering From HepatitisAlso, Agyness Deyn’s new Uniqlo commercial is out, and Heidi Montag is designing again.
  23. video look book
    Johnny Sanders Doesn’t Care That His Mohawk Won’t Help Him Get a JobAt least he’s got his shirt tucked in and his suspenders on.