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  1. This Crazy Fact About Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Hollywood SexismLet’s just say it doesn’t exactly pass the Bechdel test.
  2. Amy Schumer Was Told Women Can’t Weigh More Than 140 Pounds in HollywoodThe American dream.
  3. Films Directed by Women Have Smaller Budgets, But Bigger ReturnsWomen directors do less with more.
  4. hot shot
    Just a Heads Up, the Hot Felon Is Still Super HotHe shared his first post–prison release head shot.
  5. women in hollywood
    Geena Davis’s Documentary About Sexism in Hollywood Is Being Directed by a ManInteresting choice.
  6. Which Hollywood Dummies Fired Kerry Washington for ‘Not Being Hood Enough’?She was fired from two pilots before landing Scandal.
  7. cut cover story
    The Hot Felon Is Heading to HollywoodLanding in jail and seeing his mug shot go viral was the best thing to ever happen to Jeremy Meeks.
  8. crime
    A Serial-Killer Novel Comes Horrifyingly to LifeJust like in the novel’s opening scene, the woman’s body was drained of blood.
  9. Two Major Hollywood Studios Have No Female Directors Through 2018Hm, not a good look.
  10. Jennifer Garner Almost Wasn’t Hot Enough for AliasThat ABC network executive was so, so wrong.
  11. How Hollywood Failed Black Women With Nina CastingTa-Nehisi Coates’s essay sums up Hollywood’s racism.
  12. international women’s groundhog day
    Oh Look, a New Movie Starring Two White Dudes As CopsJust what we needed. Thanks, Hollywood!
  13. nothing to see here
    Which Oscars Stars Had Plastic Surgery? Nobody Knows Anymore.Lasers and “mini-Botox” have actors looking more natural than ever.
  14. hollywood
    Carol Burnett’s Speech at the SAG Awards Is GoldI’m a fan of anyone wearing Uggs on the red carpet.
  15. video
    Jennifer Lawrence Blames Herself for Getting Paid Less Than Her Male Co-Stars“I don’t want to seem like all these things that are only words that are used for women.”
  16. The Women of Hollywood Won’t Stop Talking About MoneyAnd now they’re taking it to The Hollywood Reporter.
  17. quotables
    How to Level the Playing Field in HollywoodOne way for female directors to break through.
  18. Liv Tyler Laments Lack of Roles for Adult Women“You’re usually the wife or the girlfriend.”
  19. self portrait
    Eve’s Hollywood: The Sex Life of a ’70s ‘It’ GirlThe memoirs of Eve Babitz, a scandalous scenester of the ‘60s and ‘70s, are being reissued.  
  20. the gender gap
    Congrats on Your Continued Cinematic Success, Dude-Bros!When is this going to change?
  21. benjamin buttoning
    Why Some People Get to Look 25 ForeverHint: not that spell from Hocus Pocus.
  22. hollywood
    The Triumph of the ‘Girl Movie’The movies teen girls love become classics because they’re so much more than films.
  23. pretty hurts
    Watch Melissa McCarthy Explain Double Standards in HollywoodShe describes confronting a terrible sexist journalist about beauty standards.
  24. ageism
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Was Told She Was ‘Too Old’ for a 55-Year-Old ManShe speaks out about Hollywood ageism.
  25. quotables
    Salma Hayek: ‘Cinema Undermines Women’s Intelligence’ “Cinema undermines women’s intelligence,” she said at a Cannes panel this weekend.
  26. quotables
    Cate Blanchett: I’ve Dated Women ‘Many Times’She talks about gender inequality in Hollywood and not labeling sexual orientation.
  27. how are we doing?
    Do Millennials Make Good Personal Assistants or Nah?An analysis from The Hollywood Reporter
  28. hollywood
    How to Dress for Adam Levine’s Bikini Halloween PartyMelissa McCarthy’s advice. 
  29. what women want
    The Walking Dead: Most Popular TV Show for WomenLadies love zombies.
  30. true stories
    I Was a Hollywood Personal AssistantResponsibilities include: scheduling, research, light drug-trafficking, and dumping your boss’s boyfriend.
  31. hollywood
    The 31-Year-Old ‘It’ Girl: Lupita Nyong’o and Aging in HollywoodShe’s the perfect ingenue for an era when growing up takes longer than ever.
  32. fake feuds
    Gwyneth-Gate Is Officially Not a Goop Coup Graydon Carter is sorry to disappoint.
  33. old people
    Study: Actresses Get Less Valuable After Age 34This research on gender, age, income, and Hollywood is a bummer.
  34. quotables
    Amy Poehler Says Hollywood Is Like a Bad BoyfriendYou just gotta know how to play him.
  35. wolves
    Where Are All the She-Wolves of Wall Street?Equal-opportunity villainy.
  36. Susan Sarandon Says She Was Stoned at Most Major Hollywood EventsExcept the Oscars.
  37. private parts
    Michael Fassbender Says Discussing His Penis is SexistHe wishes you wouldn’t objectify him so.
  38. awards season
    Best Actress Nominees Break Oscar Age RecordsThe Academy is less ageist than the market.
  39. heroine worship
    Hollywood Having Worst ‘Year of the Woman’ EverFemale actresses get meaty leading roles, but female writers get blogosphere bile. 
  40. look of the day
    Katy Perry Kept It Classy in GreenAnother glamorous gown for the singer.
  41. Photos: How the Wealthy Lived It Up in Italy As captured by Slim Aarons in his new book, La Dolce Vita.
  42. new york fugging city
    Live From the Oscars: It’s the Red Fugging Carpet!Thank fugging God: The nausea and shakes we were experiencing at the thought of being denied the Oscars this year has finally given way to the nausea and excitement at having our Academy Awards fashion dreams — and, hopefully, nightmares — granted anew. Will Ellen Page bring out the Converse, thereby tragically dooming herself to becoming the Cybill Shepherd of her generation? Will Ruby Dee and Javier Bardem lock eyes across the red carpet and kick off a torrid love affair for the ages? Will Clooney show up wearing a potted plant as a hat? (Likely.) Join us, as we bask in the healing glow of Ryan Seacrest’s delicious veneers, and find out.