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  1. power
    ‘Things Got Really Scary Really Fast During Pride Month’Three Target employees on being harassed and threatened by customers.
  2. homophobia
    Harvey Weinstein Told Cara Delevingne She Needed to ‘Get a Beard’“One of the first things Harvey Weinstein ever said to me was, ‘You will never make it in this industry as a gay woman.’”
  3. culture
    Nicholas Sparks Says He’s Sorry for Those Anti-LGBTQ EmailsHe says the emails in which he attempted to bar an LGBTQ club at his private school were written “in haste.”
  4. canada
    Serial Killer Who Targeted Canada’s Gay Community Sentenced to Life in PrisonBruce McArthur dismembered and buried his victims after killing them.
  5. red-handed
    MSNBC Host Joy Reid Made Crass Anti-Gay Jokes on Her Old BlogShe tagged her blogs with “gay politicians” and “not gay politicians.”
  6. homophobia
    Trump Reportedly Joked That Pence Wants to ‘Hang’ All Gay PeopleAccording to a new story, Trump has made fun of Pence’s hardline views on gay rights and abortion.
  7. trump’s america
    The Real Work of Being an AllySupporting the people who need it most.
  8. The Myth of the Violent, Self-Hating Gay HomophobeInternalized homophobia leads to all kinds of suffering, but rarely to something like murder.
  9. homophobia
    New Survey Shows Frightening Anti-LGBT Bias WorldwideA majority of respondents would be upset if their child were gay.
  10. bathroom police
    Man Attempts to Stop Woman From Using Women’s RestroomAn androgynous woman was followed into a restroom by a man making sure she wasn’t a man.
  11. real life onion headlines
    French Court Thinks Most Hairdressers Are Gay“Hair salons regularly employ gay people,” the court said.
  12. implicit bias
    People Are More Homophobic Than They Say They AreThere’s been a cultural sea change in how gay and lesbian Americans are viewed, but how do people really feel?
  13. homophobia
    In Touch’s ‘Kanye Is Gay’ Story Is AwfulHomophobia exploited on every newsstand in America.