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  1. honesty
    Your Spotify Wrapped Is Embarrassing, and I Want to See ItDon’t worry — mine is probably worse!
  2. advice
    Ask Polly: I Tried to Tell My Friend She’s a Bad Drunk!Opening your mouth is complicated. That’s why most people don’t do it.
  3. wellness theories
    Taylor Schilling on Why Authenticity, Honesty, and Muffins Are Keys to Wellness“When I spent a lot of energy trying to manipulate my outside, there wasn’t a lot of energy left over.”
  4. time
    Cheaters Live in the Present MomentHonesty looks toward the future.
  5. The More You Swear, the More Honest You AreWhat transparency sounds like.
  6. advice
    Ask Polly: Is Total Honesty Possible in a Relationship?Not the way your boyfriend’s doing it.