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  1. horrible things
    Death by Metal Straw Is a New Thing to Be Paranoid AboutA British woman passed away after her eye was impaled by the metal straw she was using.
  2. power
    Nathan Phillips Says He Forgives the MAGA TeensEven though none of them have apologized.
  3. horrible things
    MAGA Hat-Wearing Teen Says He Was Trying to Defuse ‘the Situation’“I said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand,” he said in a statement.
  4. horrible things
    A Woman Murdered a Pregnant Mother to Kidnap Her BabyShe pleaded guilty on Monday.
  5. horrible things
    Why Were 26 Teenage Girls Found Dead at Sea?Italian officials are currently investigating after their bodies were found along a migrant route.
  6. horrible things
    This Teen Was Murdered in England, Allegedly Because of Who She Was DatingCeline Dookhran, 19, was of Indian Muslim heritage and was dating an Arab Muslim.
  7. horrible things
    An Instagram Fitness Model Was Killed by an Exploding Whipped-Cream CanisterRebecca Burger was 33.
  8. true crime
    Man Found With 11 Young Girls in Home Convicted of All Sex-Abuse CountsOne of the girls was “gifted” to Lee Kaplan by her parents.
  9. horrible things
    A Woman Was Allegedly Raped While Getting a Massage at the AirportA traveler says that a worker at Be Relax Massage Studio assaulted her midway through her massage.
  10. horrible things
    San Diego Shooter Made Ex-Girlfriend Listen to His AttackPeter Selis was reportedly “despondent” over a breakup when he went on a shooting rampage that killed one and wounded six.
  11. horrible things
    Another Michigan Doctor Was Arrested for Female Genital MutilationDr. Fakhruddin Attar’s case is connected to Dr. Jumana Nagarwala’s from last week.
  12. horrible things
    A Man Was Arrested for Assaulting and Pushing a Woman Onto the Subway Tracks“It’s that nightmare every woman has in New York — and it happened.”
  13. horrible things
    Suspect Arrested in Jogger Vanessa Marcotte’s MurderThe Google employee was killed while out for a run.
  14. horrible things
    Michigan Doctor Charged With Performing Female Genital MutilationDr. Jumana Nagarwala is involved in what is believed to be the first FGM-related criminal case in the United States.
  15. more horrible things
    Teenager Arrested in Connection With Facebook Live Sexual AssaultChicago police have issued a warrant for a second suspect, with more arrests planned.
  16. horrible things
    Politician Defends Anti-Abortion Bill: ‘God Can Bring Beauty From Ashes’The bill would penalize doctors who perform abortions due to “genetic abnormality,” even in cases of rape or incest.
  17. horrible things
    40 People Watched a Teen Get Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Without Reporting ItChicago police are currently investigating the crime.
  18. horrible things
    This Dude Humping the ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Is the Actual Worst“It was utterly revolting.”
  19. sexual harassment
    The U.S. Military Is Investigating a Horrifying Nude-Photo ScandalMarines have been sharing nude photos of female officers in a secret Facebook group.
  20. crime
    A Georgia Beauty Queen Who Disappeared Years Ago Was Allegedly MurderedA man was just charged in Tara Grinstead’s mysterious disappearance.
  21. horrible things
    Michigan Woman Forced to Give Birth on Floor of Jail CellThe sheriff defended the decision.
  22. horrible things
    Racist Flyers on ‘Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men’ Found at UniversityThe alt-right propaganda has appeared on two other campuses this fall.
  23. campus sexual assault
    Baylor: Head Coach Art Briles Knew About But Didn’t Report Alleged Gang RapeThe university confirmed Art Briles and Ian McCaw knew about the 2013 allegation.
  24. horrible things
    Columbia Wrestling Team Texts Expose Culture of Misogyny and Racism“Locker-room talk” sent outside the locker room.
  25. horrible things
    Missing Woman Found Alive and ‘Chained Like a Dog’Kala Brown’s boyfriend, who disappeared at the same time as her, has reportedly been found too.
  26. horrible things
    Woman Killed After Turning Down Marriage Proposal in Horrific Murder CaseWendy Sabatini, a mother of two, was murdered in her own home.
  27. horrible things
    Female Students Sue After Being Forced to Do Vaginal Ultrasounds on Each OtherThe ultrasound program at Valencia College is the subject of a lawsuit.
  28. horrible things
    Instagrammer Who Took Amazing Photographs of NYC Dies in Subway AccidentChristopher Serrano was 25 and known for his breathtaking images of the city.
  29. horrible things
    Too Many Female Celebrities Have Been Harassed and Assaulted in 2016Kim Kardashian’s robbery is one of many incidents this year in which female celebrities have been targeted and harassed.
  30. horrible things
    The Mysterious Deaths of Two Sisters in a Luxury HotelAnnie and Robin Korkki were found dead in a private Seychelles villa.
  31. This Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Nearly Beat Her to Death for Turning Down SexHer partner was sentenced to 16 months in jail.
  32. horrible things
    Pickup Artists Raped a Woman and Then Bragged About It OnlinePolice charged three men from a pickup artist site with multiple counts of rape.
  33. crime
    A Serial Killer’s Victim Called 911 and Helped Police Link 5 Murdered WomenHer 911 call led to Shawn Grate’s capture and helped link five female bodies found in Ohio.
  34. horrible things
    Nigeria Says Negotiations With Boko Haram to Release Girls Have Failed 3 TimesThe information was apparently released after criticism from advocacy groups over the government’s failure to rescue the kidnapped schoolgirls.
  35. horrible things
    Man Who Set Muslim Woman’s Blouse on Fire May Have Attempted to Burn Other WomenThe incidents don’t appear to show any signs of particular bias, police said.
  36. horrible things
    NYPD Investigating Hate Crime After Man Sets Muslim Woman’s Blouse on FireThe incident occurred while she was window-shopping.
  37. Boko Haram Releases New Video of Kidnapped GirlsThey appear to be the same girls kidnapped in 2014 from their school in Chibok, Nigeria.
  38. horrible things
    Google Employee Vanessa Marcotte Is the Third Female Jogger Killed in 9 DaysShe’s the third female jogger killed in nine days of unrelated incidents.
  39. crime
    Trump Supporter Beat Wife Who Backs ClintonOnly this election.
  40. horrible things
    The Brock Turner Judge Failed Another Assault Survivor the Same DayThe same day he sentenced Brock Turner, he made sure an abusive ex-fiancé could keep working.
  41. the slender man
    Girls to Be Tried As Adults in Slender Man StabbingThey were 12 when they tried to murder a classmate.
  42. horrible things
    Rape Survivor Jailed After Breaking Down While Testifying in CourtIn jail, she was allegedly abused and mistaken as a sex offender.
  43. horrible things
    Tech Writer Accused of Catfishing Women Into Having Sex Allegedly Raped 3 OthersHe has yet to be interviewed by police.
  44. horrible things
    A Teen’s Screenshots Solved This Horrifying Snapchat Rape TrialHer friend almost died in the woods.
  45. hairy situations
    A Woman Sneezed While Using an Eyelash CurlerIt’s not pretty.
  46. more horrible things
    Brother Confesses to Murder of Qandeel BalochHe drugged and murdered her.
  47. more horrible things
    Pakistani Social-Media Star Murdered in ‘Honor Killing’Qandeel Baloch was reportedly strangled by her brother.
  48. campus sexual assault
    Former Cornell Fraternity President Indicted for Sexual Abuse*Wolfgang Ballinger is suing the school.
  49. horrible things
    Louisiana Woman Reportedly Kept in Outdoor CageShe was found thanks to an anonymous tip.
  50. dear white people
    Watch This Woman Cop’s Powerful Response to Police ShootingsIncredibly heartbreaking. 
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