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Horror Movies

  1. turns out it’s pretty good
    Okay, Fine, Scream Is Really GoodAll this time I thought it was dumb. I was wrong.
  2. fear
    Hiding Out in the Wikipedia Page of a Horror MovieExperts weigh in on your habit of reading plot summaries instead of actually watching.
  3. interview
    Pregnancy Is the Perfect Time to Make a Horror MovieAnd other lessons from Alice Lowe — writer, director, and star of Prevenge.
  4. women in hollywood
    The Female Directors of XX Are Exorcising Their Demons OnscreenSt. Vincent, Roxanne Benjamin, Jovanka Vuckovic, and Sofìa Carrillo talk murder, mayhem, and male directors.
  5. beauty is pain
    Fashion Is Terrifying, and Now It’s Finally Got a Horror MovieThe Neon Demon makes you wonder why there aren’t more.