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  1. horror stories
    This Is the Most Horrifying Shark Story of All TimeAfter their yacht capsized, stranded passengers watched as tiger sharks devoured their friends.
  2. horror stories
    Turns Out Cotton Swabs Can Potentially Kill YouA man developed a potentially deadly skull infection after a bit of cotton got stuck in his ear.
  3. horror stories
    Woman Spends a Weekend Trapped in an ElevatorThe ultimate NYC nightmare.
  4. horror stories
    How One Woman Ended Up ‘Embalmed Alive’Ekaterina Fedyaeva checked into the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple procedure.
  5. Awkward
    Demi Lovato Survived Your Nightmare: Getting Stuck in an Elevator With Her ExHow brave.
  6. hairy situations
    The Dry-Shampoo Horror Story Your Mom Warned You AboutAhhh!!!!
  7. valentine’s day
    11 Real Valentine’s Day Horror StoriesSex, lies, and a blow job that ends at the ER.
  8. horror stories
    The Halloween Costumes That Still Haunt Us: Three True StoriesSexy toddlers and racial drag.
  9. oy vey-jay-jay
    When Not to Use the Word VajayjayWorst possible use for annoying slang term discovered.