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  1. netflix
    15 Best Horror Movies on NetflixSilence of the Lambs, The Witch, The Girl with All the Gifts — here are the best and scariest horror movies to stream on Netflix right now.
  2. horror
    What Are These Shoes Doing in Gossip Girl?The mind reels.
  3. horror
    Well, Now I’m Scared to Open My OvenA North Carolina family made a horrifying discovery when baking a pizza.
  4. internet
    This ‘Pizzadilla’ Is the Breakout Horror Film of the SeasonIt’s truly filled with horrifying plot twists.
  5. the horror(a)
    Rita Ora Would Love to Do a Horror Movie“Acting is pretty much like a performance too!”
  6. science of us
    What Your Ability to Handle Horror Movies Says About YouFor everyone too easily spooked to go see Hereditary.
  7. spooky scary
    The 9 Best Horror-Movie Wikipedia Pages (According to People Who Read Them)Because this is what you do when you’re too afraid to watch the actual movie.
  8. bitch better have my money
    Only Rihanna Could Curve Horror’s Most Notorious MurdererAs if RiRi’s going to let herself get murdered in the shower.
  9. movies
    The First Wellness-Themed Horror Movie Has Officially ArrivedA spa day gone horribly wrong.
  10. real life horror
    California Teen Scripted ‘Rape and Kill’ LetterHe based it on the horror movie The Purge.
  11. downtown darlings
    Chloë Sevigny Is Starring in a Horror-Meets-Art FilmDirected by former fashion designer Tara Subkoff.
  12. horror shows
    A Woman Directed the Scariest Horror Movie of the Year, Maybe of the DecadeThat’s right, a woman directed the scariest horror movie of the year, maybe of the decade.