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    Extremely Handsome Oscar Nominee Mahershala Ali Is Now a Hot DadMahershala Ali and Amatus Sami-Karim’s baby was born earlier this week.
  2. hot dads
    Being Verbally Berated by Mandy Patinkin Is Basically a Fantasy Come TrueThis is incredibly hot.
  3. hot dads
    Is Chris Hemsworth’s Dad Hot? An Investigation We examine the evidence.
  4. hot dads
    Martin O’Malley Ends U.S. Presidential Bid But Remains President of Hot DadsWe’ll miss you.
  5. hot dads
    Tyrese Got His Daughter an Island for Christmas Thanks a lot, Dad.
  6. dadcore
    The ‘Longboardstroller’ Is the Invention of Hot-Dad DreamsNow you can longboard and be a dad at the same time.
  7. the female gaze
    Hot Dad Martin O’Malley Lost the Debate But Won Our Hearts“Martin O’Malley? More like Martin O’Daddy.”
  8. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Mark Wahlberg, Super Hot DadThose One Direction boys are bringing out his protective side.