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  1. hotshot
    Chloë Sevigny’s Biker-Short Suit Is Actually Very GoodWeirdness is an asset.
  2. hot shot
    Scott Disick’s Shoe Closet Is a Museum of Bad Raya ProfilesSo many Chelsea boots.
  3. hot shot
    Bill Murray Wore Comfortable Sneakers to CannesMust be nice.
  4. hotshot
    Beyoncé Brings High Fashion to the NBA PlayoffsShe didn’t have to, but we’re glad she did.
  5. hot shot
    Jeff Bezos Had a Good Time Last NightHe hung out with Kendall Jenner, Jared Leto, and a model of Jared Leto’s head.
  6. hot shot
    Rei Kawakubo Is ‘Not Interested’ in PosterityThe designer made a rare public appearance to receive an award.
  7. hot shot
    Howdy, DiploA great fit.
  8. hot shot
    Drop the Bass, Martha StewartWell, well, well, look who’s a DJ now.
  9. hotshot
    Excusez-Moi Has Anyone Seen My Pants?A new look for spring.
  10. hot shot
    Forgive Me, Pope Jude Law, for I Have SinnedI have entertained impure thoughts about your papal Speedo.
  11. hot shot
    This Is How You Dress for a Game of Thrones PremiereWe were blinded by the flames (in a good way).
  12. hot shot
    Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Seem to Have Had a Nice Time at a Hockey GameJust three friends, having a normal time at the hockey game.
  13. hot shot
    Everything You Could Store in This Teeny Jacquemus BagA secret, or a regret.
  14. hot shot
    The Women of Congress Are Wearing White to Trump’s SOTU As an Act of SolidarityThey gave speeches on gender equality while dressed to honor the suffragettes.
  15. hot shot
    Did You See Adam Levine’s Underwear?We did and we can’t stop thinking about it.
  16. satire
    Are You Kate Middleton, or Am I?Looking for answers in a glass door.
  17. hot shot
    A Haunted Doll Turns 38 TodayIt’s Jared Kushner’s birthday.
  18. hot shot
    Can a Child Be King If His Mask Is Wax?“Live wax figures” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bring about an important question.
  19. hot shot
    Your Cool New Congresswomen Are Already Hanging OutIt’s okay to say #squadgoals without irony about this Instagram.
  20. royal weddings
    Here’s How Cara Delevingne and Liv Tyler Recovered From the Royal WeddingWeddings are exhausting.
  21. hot shot
    Diplo Confirms: He Is the Nice Guy at the FarmFinally.
  22. reproductive dystopia
    Women Dressed As Handmaids Are Protesting the Kavanaugh HearingThey’re standing silently outside of the hearing room entrance.
  23. hot shot
    30 More Things Chris Pine Looks Like in This PhotoA man fresh out of his Cialis tub, what it feels like to listen to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours over and over during a manic episode, and more!
  24. hot shot
    Newt and Callista Gingrich Deftly Facetuned ThemselvesWere they coached by Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr.?
  25. hot shot
    Who Took This Photo of Bruce Springsteen, the Man?It ain’t no sin to take a second shot at getting a good cover photo.
  26. hot shot
    Leonardo DiCaprio Overcome With Disgust on Yacht“Icky!”
  27. hot shot
    Just a Natural, Totally Unfiltered Pic of Two Regular HumansFirst Boy Don Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle donned their best skin suits.
  28. hot shot
    I’m Having an Existential Crisis Because of These Shoes That Look Like PantsHelp!
  29. hot shot
    Can You Spot All the Broken Souls in This Pic?Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. were at the same airport gate on Friday.
  30. hot shot
    20 Things Chris Pine Looks Like in This PhotoA sunset seen from the deck of your pleasure yacht, a retired community-theater director in Santa Fe, and more!
  31. hot shot
    Oh Look, Here’s All My Exes Hanging Out TogetherA convertible full of clowns was spotted driving around New York City.
  32. hot shot
    Here’s Cher and Meryl Streep Smooching[Sound of angels singing … an ABBA song]
  33. hotshot
    Watch Michelle Obama Dance Front Row at Beyoncé’s Concert YesterdayShe was partying with Tina Knowles Lawson.
  34. hotshot
    Meghan Markle, Emma Watson Wore Matching Pants to WimbledonBut in very different ways.
  35. hot shot
    Emily Ratajkowski Attacked by Giant Straw HatFashion is a constant battle.
  36. hotshot
    Look at John Stamos in a Kangol HatHe’s never looked more Dad.
  37. hot shot
    Melania Leaves Tasteless Jacket at Home on Second Trip to Detention CenterThe First Lady opted for an uncontroversial look on her second visit to a detention center for immigrant children.
  38. hot shot
    Here’s Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, and … Bobby Flay?A pic we didn’t know we needed.
  39. hot shot
    Let Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Eat Spaghetti in PeaceA blessed image.
  40. hotshot
    Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Ride on New Boyfriend Cooke MaroneyAww.
  41. hot shot
    Is This a Photo of Wax Ed Sheeran or Human Ed Sheeran?Test your skill with this fun and informative one-question quiz.
  42. hot shot
    Does Marion Cotillard Believe in the Moon Landing Now?The former moon landing denier was seen wearing a NASA cap.
  43. hot shot
    Ivanka Trump Adds Football Pic to Photo-Op CollectionExtremely natural.
  44. hot shot
    Cynthia Nixon’s Tailored Suit Won the Democratic ConventionEven if she didn’t win her party’s nomination.
  45. Victoria Beckham Continues to Ignore SleevesFashion’s war on sleeves wages on.
  46. hot shot
    Kylie Jenner Is Not Like a Regular Mom. She’s a Cool Indie Mom.Who’s this cool lady wearing Eckhaus Latta?
  47. hot shot
    I Didn’t Know Both of Your Boyfriends Went to Cannes!You must be so proud.
  48. hot shot
    This Photo of Kendall Jenner at Cannes Is InfuriatingWhy am I not at a pool in the South of France?
  49. hot shot
    Keanu Reeves Looks How We FeelHe represents collective ennui.
  50. hot shot
    Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump Plant Baby Tree TogetherNo one looks like they’re having fun.
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