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  1. hot shots
    Here’s Your Regular Beyoncé Baby Bump Instagram UpdateJust some Cinco de Mayo fun.
  2. hot shots
    Sarah Silverman Posts Super-Cute Selfies With Michael SheenPicturesquely mushy.
  3. hot shots
    The President of the United States Had a Big Day of Playing With TrucksDonald Trump, 70, wears an “I Heart Trucks” pin.
  4. comme des garcons
    Paris Fashion Week: The Silhouettes at Comme Des Garçons Were StunningCheck out these hot shots fresh from the runway.
  5. hot shots
    Hillary Clinton–Spotting Is the Hottest New HobbyShe was spotted this afternoon at The Humans.
  6. she’s just being miley
    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Having a Very Festive ChristmasPlus, Billy Ray is holding a puppy.
  7. hot shots
    Beyoncé Is the Anti-Grinch in This Christmas VideoAnd she’s wearing tiny reindeer horns!
  8. happy black history month
    How Did Prince Manage to Look So Magnificent in His Passport Photo?How? How??
  9. vacation all i ever wanted
    The Saddest Man at the Happiest Place on EarthBen Affleck on a post-divorce trip to Disney World.
  10. hot shots
    Nicki Minaj Hits the Bar Mitzvah CircuitAnd offers advice to the youth!
  11. hot shots
    Kim Kardashian Bravely Pioneers the Merkini Is this PETA-friendly?
  12. Kim Kardashian Heard Everyone Talking About ‘Serial,’ Decided to Check It OutShe decided to see what all the fuss was about. 
  13. hot shots
    Airline Lady Schleps North West’s Poop Birkin Definitely qualifies as a carry-on.
  14. hot shots
    Hot Shot: The Greatest Grammys Double Date EverBey is totally giving Jessica the 411 on the Super Bowl drama.
  15. go hats!
    The Best Way to Recycle Old Engagement RingsA ring hat.
  16. hot shots
    Hillary Clinton’s Eyes Wander to Xtina’s BoobsAnd not just because she caught an episode of The Voice.
  17. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Portrait of a Modern RoyalIt doesn’t get much better than this. (Okay, a picture of the queen wearing this hat would be better, but that’s about it.)
  18. olympic fever
    A Few Words on Olympic Nail ArtThe athletes’ default beauty statement.
  19. hot shots
    This David Beckham Ad Is a Real Cliffhanger!Dun dun dun.
  20. collaboration station
    Yayoi Kusama Unleashed Her Polka Dots Upon New York TodayWith orange-wig-wearing models and all.
  21. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Lindsey Wixson As Chanel’s Haute Couture BrideFeathers! Roses! Frills!
  22. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Antenna Hairdos at Alexis Mabille’s Couture ShowThe models looked like very fancy Dr. Seuss characters.
  23. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Tulle, Leather, and Candy-Colored Beads at Versace CoutureThe designer’s first couture runway show since 2004 walked in Paris yesterday.
  24. hot shots
    One Menswear Show Involved Beds, NappingThis is the kind of fashion we can get behind.
  25. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Five Across at Giorgio ArmaniCrisp white suits in Milan.
  26. hot shots
    Unsuspecting Joggers Caught in Victoria’s Secret ShootOn the Brooklyn Bridge.
  27. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Breakfast at Alexander Wang’sWakey, wakey, eggs, and clean up your boss’s storefront.
  28. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Franca Sozzani Anointed the ‘Pope of Fashion’Following in Anna Wintour’s steps.
  29. hot shots
    Hot Shot: This Little Piggy Went to Toronto Fashion WeekInappropriate? Maybe. Adorable? Definitely.
  30. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Victoria’s Secret Angels Take Miu MiuThey opened and closed the show.
  31. hot shots
    Blonde Wigs and Feathery Tufts at Alexander McQueenAnd large black visors.
  32. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Karlie Kloss Walks for KanyeShe wore black leather.
  33. hot shots
    Hot Shot: High Necklines at Jean-Charles de CastelbajacCastelbajac’s fall show walked this afternoon in Paris.
  34. hot shots
    Hot Shot: New Camera Angles at Sonia RykielSmile!
  35. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Dress Within a Dress at Comme des GarçonsA dramatic departure from the “thin” illusion dresses of yore.
  36. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Pejic Pouts for GaultierThe model booked another women’s show in Paris.
  37. hot shots
    Hot Shot: It’s a Full Moon at Viktor & RolfNo howling necessary — the clothes were nice.
  38. hot shots
    Look at André Leon Talley in His Resplendent Golden RobeSomeone doesn’t let the end of fashion month get him down.
  39. hot shots
    A Gratuitous Shot of Alber Elbaz Looking AdorableAw.
  40. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Furry Tufts at Roland MouretIt looks almost … alive.
  41. hot shot
    Hot Shot: Flames and Face Stockings at Rick OwensScary.
  42. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Positive Thinking at Manish Arora“Life is beautiful.”
  43. hot shots
    Naomi Campbell Closes CavalliShe shuts it down, even.
  44. hot shots
    Tomatoes, Pears, and Fuzzy Flowers at TrussardiNot that they’re for eating or anything.
  45. hot shots
    Gothic Crosses and Kinky Leather at VersaceIt was very Legend of Zelda.
  46. Fendi Presents: Belly Shields!Perfect for hiding a paunch, or pretending to be pregnant.
  47. hot shots
    Milan Fashion Week Is Here!We’re officially halfway through fashion month.
  48. hot shots
    Models Showered in Plastic Rain at BurberryLuckily, they brought umbrellas.
  49. hot shots
    London Fashion Week Is Here!Hats! Lots of hats!
  50. hot shots
    Jessica Alba Is Abreast of the SituationSee her sitting in the front row at Michael Kors this morning.
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