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Successful women talk about managing their careers, and their lives.


The Emergency Physician Tackling Racism in Health Care

Dr. Uché Blackstock felt stifled when she spoke up about bias from within the medical system, so she struck out on her own.

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  1. How the President of BAM Gets It DoneGina Duncan has overseen the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s killer programming over the past two years.
  2. How the President of the Las Vegas Raiders Gets It DoneSandra Douglass Morgan hosted thousands of football fans (and Taylor Swift!) for the 2024 Super Bowl.
  3. How Naomi Osaka Keeps All Her Balls in the AirA new baby, several business ventures, and a much-anticipated return to tennis — how the star athlete gets it done.
  4. The Woman Behind Kosas’s Cult-Favorite ConcealerHow the clean-beauty brand’s founder, Sheena Zadeh-Daly, gets it done.
  5. All the Highlights From the Cut’s Sundance Film Festival PanelAndra Day, Laura Chinn, and Bella Heathcote discussed the importance of celebrating even the smallest wins.
  6. How Cup of Jo Founder Joanna Goddard Gets It DoneThe popular lifestyle blogger built a community off sharing her family. Now she’s launched a newsletter to chronicle her life post-divorce.
  7. The Restaurateur Making Meatless Burgers FunHow Slutty Vegan founder and CEO Pinky Cole Hayes gets it done.
  8. How Astrologer Claire Comstock-Gay Gets It DoneThe writer behind Madame Clairevoyant’s weekly horoscopes walks us through her philosophy and methods for reading the stars.
  9. There’s Only One Tracy AndersonThe trainer has been drawing celebrities and fitness enthusiasts to her dance-inspired workouts for 20 years. Here’s how she gets it done.
  10. How to Run a Multimillion-Dollar Business and Still Nap Every DayTiffany Aliche, a.k.a. “the Budgetnista,” never works past 3 p.m.
  11. How the Country’s Top Union Leader Gets It DoneLiz Shuler, the first woman to lead the AFL-CIO, has been organizing since she was 11. It all started with babysitting wages.
  12. How Alvin Ailey Dancer Constance Stamatiou Gets It Done“When I was younger, it was rare to see a dancer who was past their 20s, especially one who has kids.”
  13. Podcaster Kelsey McKinney Gets Paid to Gossip“It’s my entire life and my entire job.”
  14. How a Globe-trotting Gallerist Gets It DoneRachel Lehmann of Lehmann Maupin fights jet lag with lots of English breakfast tea.
  15. Lauren Good Day Is Making Wearable Native Art“I’m always updating our traditional dress, but the root of my aesthetic is who we are as a people and a culture.”
  16. Author Mona Susan Power Comes in From the ColdNearly 30 years after her debut, the Standing Rock Sioux writer has an acclaimed new novel and opens up about her mental-health struggles.
  17. How Journalist Connie Walker Gets It DoneThe award-winning host of Spotify Studios’ Stolen always has multiple craft projects going at once.
  18. Crystal Echo Hawk Strives to Be Like WaterThe IllumiNative founder on learning to work around the challenges that arise as she combats anti-Native racism.
  19. How Chef Erin French Gets It DoneThe woman behind one of the hardest-to-get reservations in the country fuels up with Annie’s and sleeps in as late as she can on Sundays.
  20. How Curator Lauren Haynes Gets It DoneFall is the busy season for the director of Curatorial Affairs and Programs at the Queens Museum, but there’s always time for Murder She Wrote.
  21. How Entrepreneur and Disability-Rights Advocate Keely Cat-Wells Gets It Done“As disabled people, dealing with an inaccessible society while trying to build something is infuriating.”
  22. How ‘La Chica de La Brega’ Gets It DoneAlana Casanova-Burgess was recently laid off from WNYC, but she’s not giving up on her acclaimed podcast. She’s bregando. Pa’lante!
  23. How Vida Showrunner Tanya Saracho Gets It DoneThe dramatist and screenwriter always consults her brujas before making a big decision.
  24. How Isabel Allende Gets It DoneAt 81, the acclaimed author says she’ll continue to write until she can’t anymore. “Who retires from art?”
  25. How Political Activist Julie Chávez Rodríguez Gets It DoneThe Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager is also the granddaughter of Cesar Chávez. She takes her family’s legacy of public service very seriously.
  26. How Podcaster Karina Longworth Gets It DoneThe creator, producer, and host of You Must Remember This has different ambitions than she did when the podcast first launched. Notably: working less.
  27. The Magazine Publisher Taking Meetings on the Tennis CourtHow Racquet founder Caitlin Thompson gets it done.
  28. How Nicole Berry, Executive Director of the Armory Show, Gets It DoneIncluding her airplane meditation practice: “No one can get to me when I’m up at 30,000 feet.”
  29. How CEO Karen Harvey Gets It DoneHer advice? “Everybody should experience getting fired.”
  30. Sad Girls Club Founder Elyse Fox Can’t Afford to Get Overwhelmed“If we’re stressed out as a mental-health organization helping other people, then it’s counterproductive.”
  31. How Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck Gets It DoneHer day starts with a deep tissue massage … but not for her.
  32. The Labor Nominee Making Sure Staffers Get Home for BedtimeJulie Su fights for workers as acting labor secretary and wants her own team to have a life outside the office.
  33. How Beauty Editor Linda Wells Gets It DoneStarting with a morning of word games and possible trampolining.
  34. How the 26-Year-Old CEO of Aunt Flow Gets It Done“I like working, which I think is almost a controversial thing for a Gen-Z to say.”
  35. How the Speaker of the New York City Council Gets It DoneAdrienne Adams’s family and faith keep her grounded as she navigates the pressures of being the second-most-powerful person in city government.
  36. How Author Gillian Flynn Gets It Done“I had two jobs forever. I was giving plasma at one point. Admittedly, I usually spent that money on beer.”
  37. How Media Mogul Mo Abudu Gets It DoneShe’s been described as “Africa’s most successful woman,” “one of the most powerful women in global television,” and “the African Oprah.”
  38. Hayley Kiyoko Goes RogueThe singer-songwriter turned her viral “Girls Like Girls” music video into a bestselling YA novel through sheer force of will.
  39. How Silverlens Gallerists Isa Lorenzo and Rachel Rillo Get It DonePartners in life and in business, they share two homes, two gallery spaces, and one dog named Chika.
  40. How Samantha Irby Gets It DoneThe best-selling writer behind four hilarious essay collections and And Just Like That’s infamous kitchen scene waited 14 years to quit her day job.
  41. How Willow Defebaugh, Editor-in-Chief of Atmos Magazine, Gets It DoneIt starts with not thinking of nature as “somewhere else” — even when you’re living in Brooklyn.
  42. The Coolest Job in New YorkHow Metrograph’s director of programming, curator Inge de Leeuw, gets it done.
  43. How Curator Jasmine Wahi Gets It DoneAs founder and co-director of arts nonprofit Project for Empty Space, she’s committed to supporting artists “beyond just lip service.”
  44. How Food Blogger, Restaurateur, and Mom of Two Molly Yeh Gets It Done“When the kids are napping, I’ll be like, Okay, I have an hour. I’m going to bang out a batch of blondies.
  45. How the Host of NPR’s All Things Considered Gets It DoneAilsa Chang on her late start in journalism, loathing mornings, and the unique challenges that come with live interviews.
  46. Shay Mitchell Knows You’re Skeptical of Celebrity BrandsBut in a crowded DTC travel marketplace, Béis is set to surpass $200 million in profit.
  47. At 90 Years Old, Chita Rivera Is Still Living the Dancer’s LifeHow the Broadway legend gets it done.
  48. How the Owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Gets It DoneAfter 40 years in the family business, Jeanie Buss is looking to conquer a new arena: women’s wrestling.
  49. How Google’s Chief Sustainability Officer Gets It Done“I think about my daughter’s future … I’ve seen the climate models for 2100. They’re not good, and we need to take action now.”
  50. How Pro Footballer Ali Krieger Gets It DoneThe two-time World Cup champion is retiring at the end of this season, but being a mom to two kids under 2 is its own extreme sport.
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