How Not to F*ck Up Your Face

A beauty-advice column from former O, The Oprah Magazine beauty director Valerie Monroe. Her goal: to shift our thinking around beauty and aging from self-criticism to self-compassion and to learn how to be loving witnesses to ourselves and one another as we age.


The Under-Eye-Bag Dilemma

What kind of works, and what really works.

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  1. How Do I Keep My Makeup on All Day?Plus: a question about the best eyeliner for those with allergies.
  2. My Experience Using Lasers for Skin LesionsMy dermatologist Orit Markowitz, M.D., recommended FDA-approved photodynamic therapy, which, according to studies, is highly efficient.
  3. I’m Almost 60. What Can I Do About Marionette Lines?A reader question prompts this 73-year-old former beauty editor to give advice about being too self-critical.
  4. I’m 33 and Botox Messed Up My Face. Help!What to do when you think your treatments have gone awry.
  5. Why Are We So Susceptible to Beauty Marketing?Here are the things that work and don’t.
  6. What’s This Bag Under My Under Eye?A dermatologist and plastic surgeon weigh in on treatments for festoons.
  7. I’m 30 Years Old. Should I Get ‘Baby Botox’?I’m a 73-year-old former beauty editor, here is my advice.
  8. A Laser Expert Shares Solutions for Facial BirthmarksA laser expert and a makeup artist offer their best advice.
  9. Dealing With Dermatitis? A Dermatologist Weighs In.A dermatologist explains how to solve a mysterious skin-care issue.
  10. Dermatologists Evaluate the Accuracy of TikTok’s Age-Progression FilterPure entertainment or valuable tool? Doctors weigh in.
  11. Unsexy Question: How Do I Protect My Skin From Bug Bites?A reader anticipating a Caribbean cruise wonders how she should apply sunscreen when moisturizer and insect repellent are also on the program.
  12. TikTok Is Taking Over My Teen’s Multistep Skin-Care RoutineWhat’s the harm in an elaborate skin-care routine for young girls? Dermatologists weigh in.
  13. What Can I Do About My Dandruff Problem?An expert explains how to properly care for flaky scalps, clinically known as seborrheic dermatitis.
  14. Are Veneers the New Boobs?The smiles of the contestants on The Golden Bachelor deserve their own show.
  15. How Do I Choose the Right In-Office Treatment for Tightening Lax Skin? A dermatologist offers her best advice about getting the most bang for your buck.
  16. I’ve Gone Gray! But What About My Brows?There’s a color-coordinating trick to it: A makeup artist explains, inside.
  17. Is There a Way to Actually Hide Under-Eye Shadows and Hollows?A couple of pro makeup artists weigh in on the best way to conceal them.
  18. Was Pamela Anderson’s Makeup-Free Fashion Week Just a Stunt?“I feel like it’s just freedom; it’s a relief,” Anderson said about going without makeup.
  19. How Much Facial Filler Is Too Much?A dermatologist on what it really takes to get the best results.
  20. How Do I Maintain Healthy and Strong Lashes As I Age?Experts explain eye care for the aged … and for you, too.
  21. Why Does My Neck Change So Drastically As I Age?A plastic surgeon offers his best advice for caring for the neck.
  22. Are Expensive Vitamin-C Serums Actually Worth It?A dermatologist weighs in on the value of the popular skin-care ingredient.
  23. Can Skin-Care Products Lose Their Effectiveness Long Term?A dermatologist explains why the answer is “Yes and no.”
  24. I Tried a Hemp-Infused Gummy for Better Sleep, and Here’s How It WentAdventures in chasing the elusive snooze.
  25. I Feel Like My Botox Stopped Working. Is This a Real Thing?Yes, it’s possible to become immune to Botox. A dermatologist explains.
  26. Does the NuFace Device Work on Aging Skin?A dermatologist on the pros and cons of a microcurrent device.
  27. Is a Medical Pedicure Worth the Money?Here’s what happened when I treated my feet to a medi-pedi for the first time, along with advice from a board-certified podiatric surgeon.
  28. Are Cosmetic Facial Threads Actually a Quick Fix?A dermatologist explains the ins and outs of surgical facial tailoring and the factors to consider before trying this treatment.
  29. What Is the Most Effective Alternative to Retinoids?A dermatologist advises what to use instead of the powerful vitamin-A derivative.
  30. Do Facial Exercises Actually Do Anything?Can working out the muscles in your face prevent signs of aging? A plastic surgeon weighs in.
  31. Are Phenol Peels Safe for My Skin?We asked a dermatologist about one of the strongest chemical peels available on the aesthetic market.
  32. Is a Fat Transfer the Best Facial Filler?The pros and cons of harvesting your excess padding to volumize your face, according to experts.
  33. What Happens to Your Skin on Booze?What research shows about drinking and your complexion.
  34. Are Expensive Skin-Tightening Laser Treatments Actually Worth It?A dermatologist offers the pros and cons of one very popular in-office skin-tightening treatment.
  35. Dealing With Thinning Hair? Science-Backed Solutions for Hair LossEverything you need to know about thinning hair and how to grow it back.
  36. Are You Really Getting the Sun Protection You Need?Probably not, says a dermatologist, especially if you’re mixing products.
  37. Emface, Self-Tanner, Oral Care, and More Explained by a DermatologistDoes washing with face oil remove self tanner? Is rapamycin the new fountain of youth? Will Emface work for you?
  38. Is Toner Really Necessary?As HNTFUYF DermDiva Heidi Waldorf said, getting right to the bottom-line, “Using a toner is unnecessary.”
  39. How to Heal Melasma, According to a DermatologistAdvice on how to get rid of a particularly intractable spot.
  40. Is There a Legitimate Way to Get Rid of Cellulite?A dermatologist cuts through the costly options.
  41. Why Do I Get Purple Blotches on My Skin Out of Nowhere?They can actually be explained.
  42. Can Your Hair Turn Gray Overnight?A hair expert explains why hair loses pigment and whether stress is the cause.
  43. Is Matrixyl the Magic Ingredient for Younger-Looking Skin?Why some things work better when they have less to do.
  44. Are Plasma-Pen Treatments Safe for Improving Crepey Skin?A dermatologist advises caution about electrosurgery.
  45. All Wrinkles Are Not Alike, and Here’s WhyWhat to do when “drape face” becomes an issue.
  46. Do Pricey Silicone Patches Work to Eliminate Wrinkles?A dermatologist weighs in on a different kind of patch test.
  47. Is That Estrogen in Your Face Cream Safe?Why you may want to reconsider hormones in your skin care.
  48. Is There a Pill for Prettier Skin?A dermatologist weighs in on the legitimacy of retinol supplements.
  49. Does Using Nontoxic Beauty Products Actually Matter for My Health?A deeper look into the marketing behind “clean beauty.”
  50. Why Popular TikTok Beauty Trends Don’t Speak to MeA woman in her 70s prefers advice from … the ’70s.
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