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  1. let’s makeup
    Here’s Why Everyone’s Wearing Pink Lipstick Right NowIt’s not all millennial.
  2. how-tos
    The Ultimate Goop Guide to LovemakingStep two: Drink nothing but raw milk for a week.
  3. wellthy
    How to Survive Your Diet at the OfficeLet’s make it till at least February this time.
  4. beauty gif
    How to Correctly Apply Eye CreamSomething a little more complicated than smearing wildly.
  5. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: 4 New, Easy Mascara-Application TechniquesOld dogs can learn new mascara tricks.
  6. How to Pack Your Bag for the Long Days at Fashion WeekStart with a good bucket bag and loads of vitamins.
  7. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Do a Mad Men-Inspired Holiday UpdoIn five hairpins or fewer, just like Joan Holloway.
  8. it’s not easy being green
    How Do You Wear Green Lipstick? Well … you probably don’t. Unless you are very brave.
  9. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to ‘Tightline’ Your EyesThe Invisibility Cloak of eyeliners.
  10. cut guides
    How Not to Apologize for Saying Something SexistCourtesy of Canadian novelist David Gilmour.
  11. hairy situations
    What It Means to Have a Pixie Cut When You’re Not FamousIf you’re lucky, lots of backhanded compliments.
  12. how-tos
    The Boys Club Seduction Guide Merrill Lynch UsedAccording to a new gender-discrimination lawsuit.
  13. drugs
    How to Survive Your First Coke (or Whatever) ScandalThe Cara Delevingne playbook.
  14. vintage
    U.S. Navy on How to Succeed With Brunettes, Circa 1967“Watch the hair. If you muss it, you lose points.”