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  1. lists
    The 50 Most Distressing Uses of Denim of All TimeFrom matching Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to far more (literally) distressing examples.
  2. babies
    One-Sixth of All North American Babies Could Be Wearing a Denim Diaper Right NowThey’d rather soil cartoon characters, but whatever! Moms are making these decisions for them.
  3. poop patrol
    Alex Kuczynski Thinks Fat People Look Like Giant BabiesAlso, why ABC’s double standard is a total party pooper.
  4. babies
    The Shocking Commercial for the Denim DiaperHis diaper is “full of chic.”
  5. loose threads
    AllSaints Store Opens in Soho Today; Devi Kroell Exits Devi KroellAlso, check out Huggies’ new denim diaper!