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  1. bieber beat
    Justin Bieber Spent His Holiday Weekend Drinking Rosé and Hugging PeopleBieber’s hugging spree continues.
  2. hugs not drugs
    Justin Bieber’s Hugs Are a Gift to This WorldBieber has been on a hugging spree.
  3. robot bae
    When No One Loves You, This Terrifying Wooden Hugging Machine WillWinter is coming, after all.
  4. Watch: Jane Goodall Was All Hugs on Colbert Demonstrates a proper chimp greeting.
  5. hippies
    Shailene Woodley Might Hug Everyone Who Interviews HerMore pearls o’ hippie wisdom from this girl.
  6. quotables
    Amy Poehler Designs a Superb Exercise ClassBody by Amy.
  7. cashmere
    Stevie Nicks’s Home Is Made of Cashmere and HugsConstruction materials: the wings of a dove in a dream.
  8. yes we cannes
    The Many Cuddle Puddles of CannesIt’s one big photogenic love-in.
  9. election 2012
    The Many Cuddle Puddles of Mitt and Ann RomneyAnn’s signature come-from-behind hug will comfort her husband.
  10. stump style
    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Awkward Onstage Hug, in GIF FormSome grimacing, and a back pat.
  11. hugged not heard
    Michelle Obama Hugging Her Way to Nation’s HeartHugs less controversial than ideas.