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  1. huh
    This Anti-Mask Rally Is Beyond ParodyUnfortunately, you simply cannot make this stuff up.
  2. huh!
    I Need to Believe Britney Spears Is the Fastest Human on EarthShe posted on Instagram that she ran a 100-meter dash faster than Usain Bolt. I accept this without reservation.
  3. huh
    Does This Look Like a Chastity Belt to Anyone Else?What is this contraption at Burberry?
  4. huh
    Live Alligator Stars in Extremely Metal Gender-Reveal PartyT-Mike Kliebert (a.k.a. “The Gator King”) revealed the sex of his unborn baby to friends and family with the help of a watermelon and an alligator.
  5. huh
    Did You Know Vanessa Trump Was in This Nancy Meyers Movie?Her role was “Beauty”.
  6. huh
    You Can Now Own a Pair of Jeans Without a Crotch or Pant Legs for $400So useful.
  7. huh
    What Is Happening in This CNN Segment?A panelist asked “Why am I being subjected to this?!”
  8. huh
    So Uh, the Guy Who Played Barney Is Now a Tantric-Sex SpecialistDavid Joyner wants to help his “goddesses” reach a “higher and more blissful state of awareness.”
  9. huh
    Eric Trump Says That His Father Only Sees GreenIn which the middle Trump son defends the president against claims that he’s racist.
  10. huh
    Ivanka Trump Dreams of a World in Which Taxes Are Filed on PostcardsThis isn’t the first we’ve heard of this “postcard” bit.
  11. huh
    Why Does Donald Trump Drink Water Like This?The president got parched during his national security speech.
  12. huh
    Man Finds Viral Way to Make Wife’s Maternity Shoot About HimHe staged a McDonald’s maternity shoot for himself.
  13. huh
    Meet the New Rachel DolezalJa Du, born Adam, says he’s transracial.
  14. huh
    Nicole Kidman Does Not Know How to ClapWhat’s happening here?
  15. huh
    Zach Braff Reminds Us That He’s Related to Mitt Romney Through a WitchCool.
  16. studies
    Stare Into Someone’s Eyes for 10 Solid Minutes and Things Are Going to Get WeirdThe participants in this study started to hallucinate a little. 
  17. The Strange Bliss of Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other ThingsOrder in the chaos. 
  18. ding-dong watch
    Chris Pratt Believes in Equal Objectification of the Sexes Kind of?
  19. huh?
    Ryan From The O.C. Gives a Sexy Shout-out to Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs HA, but also ERRRM
  20. Hood by Air Will Show an ‘Artisanal’ Collection in ParisThey’ll still show the main line in New York.