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Huma Abedin

  1. celebrity
    Are Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Together Again?Someone tell Anna Wintour.
  2. sure why not
    Are Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin Really Dating?And what does Anna Wintour have to do with this?
  3. encounter
    Huma Abedin Is Ready to Tell You Who She IsThroughout a public career and an even more public marriage, the political confidante has remained an enigma, until now.
  4. power
    Huma Abedin Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by a SenatorThe allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh resurfaced her own experience, she writes in her forthcoming book.
  5. power
    Huma Abedin Is Releasing a MemoirThe book apparently includes “a candid and moving reckoning” of her marriage to Anthony Weiner.
  6. anthony weiner
    Is Anthony Weiner Moving Into Huma Abedin’s Apartment Building, or Out of It?Some reports say he’s renting a one-bedroom in the building; others insist he’s moving out for good.
  7. parties!
    The Best-est Party Looks of the WeekOne awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered.
  8. divorce
    Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner Are Settling Their Divorce Out of CourtThey withdrew their contested divorce case from Manhattan court.
  9. accusations
    Trump Calls for Jail Time for Huma AbedinThe president slammed Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide in a tweet.
  10. moving on
    What Does an Independent Huma Abedin Mean?Post-Weiner, post-Clinton.
  11. Huma Abedin Invites Anthony Weiner To Move Back InShe filed for divorce on May 19.
  12. freedom
    Huma Abedin Finally Did ItOn Friday, she filed for divorce from Anthony Weiner.
  13. Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Sexting With a MinorHe will have to register as a sex offender.
  14. book deals
    Huma Abedin Reportedly Wants $2 Million for a Tell-All BookShe’s rumored to be meeting with “top literary agents” to discuss a book deal.
  15. love and war
    Huma Abedin Is Reportedly Giving Anthony Weiner Another ShotSorry, Scandal fans.
  16. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Huma Abedin Hung Out With Gigi Hadid’s Ex-StepdadAbedin walked a red carpet with a Real Housewife’s ex-husband.
  17. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Huma Abedin and Fitz From Scandal Went to Disneyland TogetherThe best politician-actor friend pairing since Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep.
  18. political fashion
    Huma Abedin Sat Front Row at Prabal GurungIt was only fitting for a politically inspired show.
  19. gift guide 2016
    The Best Holiday Beauty-Gift Sets at SephoraOne for you, one for me — that’s how it works, right?
  20. politics
    Trump Rally Speaker Openly Fantasizes About the Death of Hillary ClintonThe rallygoers cheered.
  21. media
    Stop Trying to Make Anthony Weiner’s Sexting a Political IssueYesterday was one of the dumbest days of the presidential campaign — a high bar!
  22. the late show with stephen colbert
    Anthony Weiner’s Latest Scandal Gave Stephen Colbert Some Great Comedy MaterialColbert thanked Weiner for giving him a “rock-solid story” to talk about.
  23. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Blames Hillary Clinton for New Anthony Weiner Sexting ScandalTrump, who apparently doesn’t know how sexting works, questioned whether the husband of Clinton’s top aide had access to classified info.
  24. political fashion
    Chelsea Clinton Is Hosting a Hillary Fundraiser Right Before Fashion WeekWe’ll see looks from Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch.
  25. scandals
    Huma Abedin Announces Separation From Anthony WeinerFollowing Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, Abedin announced the dissolution of their marriage.
  26. stories
    Hillary Takes a Sweet, Sweet NapPeople said naps made you feel amazing, happy, alive. These people could never run the free world.
  27. work-life balance
    Huma Abedin Feels Working-Mom Guilt TooThe backbone of Hillary Clinton’s campaign got real about work-life balance.
  28. deciphering huma
    Huma Abedin Is the Patron Saint of Women in CrisisShe’s the most fascinating thing about Weiner.
  29. fashionable political statements
    Huma Abedin Carried a $2,000 Hillary-Themed ClutchCampaign-accessory game strong.
  30. first person
    Huma Abedin on Her Oscar de la Renta Wedding Gown“When I stepped into my gown for the first time at the fitting, I actually screamed.”
  31. The First Lady of New York Made an Appearance at Ralph Lauren TodayChirlane McCray eclipsed Kanye, at least in our minds.
  32. hillary watch
    Report: Hillary Clinton Is Getting Another Vogue CoverIt’s been a long time since 1998.
  33. Oscar de la Renta Loved Powerful WomenThe designer passed away today at 82.
  34. it’s not just lunch
    Anna Wintour and Huma Abedin Had Lunch TogetherWHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  35. party lines
    Party Pics: Dakota Fanning, Alex Wang, the Roitfelds & MoreThe fall season gone famous.
  36. what would olivia pope do
    How Olivia Pope Handles Beauty and Nail Art“Olivia Pope doesn’t need to try too hard because she is Olivia Pope.” 
  37. good wives
    Huma Abedin Draws Back the Curtain a Little MoreGo on, look.
  38. party chat
    Gloria Steinem on Weiner and the Dangers of Porn“Just imagine if there were a woman who had photographed her pubic area.”
  39. Stand by Your Man? How Huma Can Do What Hillary Couldn’t“We’re baffled by Huma’s choice because women no longer need to be professionally affixed to a man to make inroads in business or politics.”
  40. quotables
    Julianna Margulies Thanks Huma for Her SacrificeAnthony Weiner is “the gift that keeps on giving.”
  41. quotables
    Oscar de la Renta on John Galliano and Huma Abedin“People do deserve a second chance. A third and a fourth? I doubt it.”
  42. quotables
    Gloria Steinem Not Sure What’s Up With HumaA new mom thing? Stockholm syndrome?
  43. weinergate
    No Longer Flawless, Huma Abedin’s Been HumanizedAnthony Weiner’s wife has always been impeccably impressive. At yesterday’s press conference, she was imperfect — and compelling.
  44. politics of fashion
    Huma Abedin Borrowed Michelle Obama’s DressOr maybe they just happened to have the same one?
  45. political fashion
    Designer Reem Acra Is a Woman for Anthony WeinerWho wouldn’t want to dress Huma?
  46. cut chat room
    Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Debut: A Cut ChatWhy does her bio begin with “wife”?
  47. having it all
    Ben Affleck Is Leaning OutLike Anthony Weiner did.
  48. burning questions
    Why Didn’t Huma Recognize Weiner’s Dick Pic?Did she even look at it?