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Human Performance

  1. science of us
    To Navigate a Challenge, Pretend You’re Giving Advice to a FriendWhen we take ourselves out of the picture, we often gain a more holistic view.
  2. The Curse of Being Too PassionateDo you control your drive, or does your drive control you?
  3. Life Lessons From the Guy Who Just Ran the Appalachian Trail Faster Than Anyone“So much of success comes down to what is happening inside your head.”
  4. This Is One of the Only Performance-Enhancing Supplements That Actually WorksThe very real effects of totally fake interventions.
  5. motivation
    What Separates Champions From ‘Almost Champions’?New research helps explain why some people keep going when others quit.
  6. The Obscure Ultra-Endurance Sport Women Are Quietly DominatingAn intriguing twist on an old theory about extreme endurance events.
  7. Olympic Champions’ Minds Are Quieter Than YoursAll-out effort combined with all-out chill.