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  1. Scientists Have Created a Food They Believe Can Alleviate World HungerIt’s made with just four ingredients: water, carbon dioxide, microbes, and electricity.
  2. hunger games
    You’ll Be Hungry No Matter How Much You Eat, Says Bleak StudyHunger doesn’t care that you had a bar full of protein, fiber, and unicorn dust.
  3. hunger games
    Hunger Might Be the Most Powerful Motivator on EarthIt’s stronger than thirst, fear, or social needs.
  4. fake sugar
    Here’s Proof That Diet Soda Can Make You HungrierCool it with the Splenda.
  5. The Type of Food That Tricks You Into Feeling ‘Phantom Fullness’In case you needed an excuse for a milk shake.
  6. Make Your Important Decisions on an Empty StomachLiterally tapping into your gut feelings.