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  1. tv
    Excuse Me, Who Is This British Baking Show Hunk?Hellooo, Sandro!
  2. okay!
    Actor Bravely Admits to Being on ‘Sexy Hunky Hot List’Alexander Skarsgård says being “tall and blond” has gotten in the way of his career.
  3. hubba hubba
    Could You Be Fabio’s Next GF?The face of ’90s romance novels is looking for love, preferably with someone who is not afraid of bugs.
  4. Canada Gets Drake and Trudeau, But America Can Now Claim FabioUSA! USA! USA!
  5. for educational purposes
    How Many Abs Are Too Many Abs? A fun counting activity for adults.
  6. oh canada!
    Look, It’s the Justin Trudeau Sweater of Your Erotic DreamsGet outta my dreams and onto my sweatshirt.
  7. hunks
    Meet Your New Fantasy Man: The Emotional BodyguardHe doesn’t have muscles, but he will remember to call you.
  8. fantasy
    Like You, Zadie Smith Objectifies Sad Hunk Jon Snow “Eye candy.”
  9. handsome men’s club
    Life Is Hard for Incredibly Handsome Men Hunks can’t catch a break.
  10. hunks
    Bradley Cooper Declares He Is Perfectly HandsomeNot too hot, not too uggo.
  11. that’ll do
    Here’s What Qualifies As a Hunky-Man Calendar in BushwickCats and bathtubs.